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EasyCar’s owner was quick to explain that the company does not want to dismiss quality service. In its move to start business with a fleet consisting only of Mercedes cars it wanted to show that theirs was still a quality service. In the end, easyCar stuck with is original vision which was a quality car rental that offers the services at the cheapest possible manner.

Because the business model is different from those of presently existing car rental companies, the difference in doing this, i.e. added charges and fines, may have seemed complicated at first however it does still stand to deliver what it had claimed: cheaper rates. easyCar’s intention to still offer quality service was also portrayed when the company changed the content of the website to better explain the charging policies.

EasyCar rental may be a good option for those individuals who prefer to drive their own vehicles or have important appointments that they would like to prepare for beforehand. At present their policy that allows for car rentals for as short as one hour makes it possible for their service to be considered as an option to taking public transportation. Similarly, it low rates coupled with a planned increase in locations may make it a viable option. Another good business segment to target for them, apart from current car owners in congested cities, would be individuals who cannot afford to own their own vehicles.

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In the last year the company widened its choice of vehicles by caring brands other than Mercedes. It also implemented a policy that allowed for rentals of as short as one hour.

Clients were also required to purchase insurance and a policy of posting the pictures of clients who have not returned cars in their website was implemented. In terms of operations the set of new vehicles meant that they could pass on additional savings to the clients. It also means that there was an increased need to keep track of information so clients could be properly advised of what type of vehicles were available per location.

On the other hand, the one-hour rental policy meant that staff members on on-site locations needed to be able to process rentals faster. Finally, changes in insurance charging policies as well as policies on photos taken when clients take the vehicle also complicate the rental processing on-site.

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