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The Paralegal Career and Why

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When I first thought about becoming a paralegal, I was in working for a Trust and Probate attorney who also had a Title company. I enjoyed the data gathering, research, meeting people and understanding their needs and helping them find peace of mind. I had also just become interested in John Grisham novels, which, granted, does not truly represent the legal field in the most correct light, but they are legal thrillers nonetheless.For some reason the combination of these two things made me think about pursuing a career in the legal field.

I knew for certain that I did not want to go to law school, since I was a Mom with a lot of responsibility. I took an on-line course to become a legal assistant. However, when we moved, I had to change my career as I was offered a very challenging position in the insurance field. I studied to get my California Life, Health, Long Term Care, Property and Casualty licenses. Then my job required me to get my Series 7 and 66.These were all on-lines classes, they were convenient and could be obtained around my work schedule. I am a classroom-oriented person.

So, when I was laid off, I concluded that this was my chance to get back into the legal field and a paralegal would be a happy medium. In the meantime, my son graduated from law school and passed the California Bar. I now find myself wanting a job in a local law firm. So here I am now, writing a paper on the career that I now find myself eagerly pursuing.

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The Paralegal Career and Why

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