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Why Am I Interested In a Health Career

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My interest in nursing career field started when I  visited my newborn twin cousins in the NICU about 4 years ago.

Seeing those little babies suffering to live in a little glass box touched my heart and made me want to change my field from education to nursing. Once my cousin died from bleeding to death, I made the decision to search into being a Neonatal Nurse. Seeing all these small babies not getting a chance to experience made me want to help them.

Being a first year freshman at a school that is just known for partying in difficult. Most of my friends would want me to just go out and party all week but I decided to stay and keep my head in the books. Nursing is not an easy field and when you don’t have help from your program it makes it harder.

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Coming into the field not knowing a thing I had to learn about 30+ terms and parts of the body in 1 week to come back in the following week and have a test with no study guide. It started off rocky, ended hard but I learned a little more than I was even taught in middle school.

I am learning to never depend on it all to get taught to you, taking the extra mile to learn is when you will actually find out what you need to know. Going into the nursing program only scares me a little bit because what if I am not the top 35 choices or even not as experienced as they want me to know.

I know once I actually get in I will get as much help I need but it’s just about getting in right now. The program will prepare and help me become the person I know I am once it comes to my senior year. Working at the Southeast Missouri State Hospital will give me that real life experience and motivate me to have confidence.

The training with me be strong, reliable, and help me my communication skills in this program if I come to a situation like my cousins. Once it comes to me graduating from Southeast Missouri State I plan on having a job waiting on me the day I graduate at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in the NICU.

I always told my mom if I ever went into the health field I want to work at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, it was where I went all my life and they were there for me. I am sure that this not only my hometown but all around the world needs as many nurses as they can get but I chose to stick to Children’s Hospital.

I am very interest in working with the babies as a Neonatal Nurse to let them experience life. The health care field is the field I would love to purse my career in. Looking at myself in another person’s shoes I know I believe this career fits me best.

Everyone I know tells me I am great with kids and if I love to have them. Like I always answer yes and I want to be looked at as a mother to not only my biological but to the ones I help. I am a positive strong person with a huge heart also there to open up to anyone in need.

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