The Necessity of Gun Control and the Solution to Gun Violence

Last Updated: 31 May 2023
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Over the past few months, American's across the nation have been debating about gun control. Topics ranging from firearm restrictions to background checks have been heavily discussed by both emotion and logic by both gun supporters and gun control activists. American's cannot seem to find a middle ground for both parties to agree on. Although this is an emotional topic, emotions should be secondary to logic, for finding a solution to prevent gun control cannot be on that makes American's feel better. American's need to come up with a plan that actually works and is not insanely expensive. Gun violence is a problem that is extremely difficult to eradicate, but can be prevented if American's think of new ideas while not letting emotions or radicalism get to their heads and background checks are implemented.

Gun Control is necessary to protect other's from taking the law into their own hands. People just feel the need to own a gun to feel comfortable in today's society. The dangers of guns are not secret having a gun is just part of nature. Many people argue that guns were created to hunt, fish, and used for survival but others will tell you they were made to protect themselves. American's have a natural disaster response cycle that the only time the community is turned to is when the nation has a tragedy. American's do not anticipate any tragedies they simply just react to them. Americans need to feel a sense of responsibility to protect their fellow Americans and eliminate problems while they are still growing, not wait until they are endemics.

America needs to find a way to control who gets to own a guns. American's needs to realize that guns do not kill people but people with guns do kill people. For this reason, banning certain guns or reducing magazine sizes will have a very minor effect, if they have one at. So, since the real "beast" in this case is the population, not guns, we must find a way to prevent possible killers from getting access to firearms. When a tragedy occurs, American's respond by being irrational and trying to cut off the head of the "beast" (guns, in this case) without much consideration for other, more logical solutions. A simple background check is not going to help with gun control. Background checks can prevent some potential murderers from gaining access to the weapons. However, if somebody really wants to gain access to a gun, even if there are background checks, they can always buy one in the black market or steal one from family or friends.

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There isn't a simple solution to gun violence. We have to realize this before we waste human and monetary resources on plans that may only have minor effects, if they have any at all. Arming teachers with firearms to protect students is an impossible and paradoxical plan. How would adding more weapons into the equation ever reduce the amount of violence? Bringing guns into schools would desensitize students to guns, not repulse them. Training staff would waste money and be ineffective, for most teachers would feel utterly repulsed at the idea of preparing to shoot their own students, and would not take the matter seriously.

Instituting background checks on all firearm buyers would be an easy and productive way to separate some of the criminals from the harmless. The fact that the mentally ill are being viewed as unstable killers and the primary reason for instituting background checks is completely preposterous. A psychiatrist states in her article, "Severely I'll people account for only 3 to 5 percent of violent crimes in the general population." As far as the effectiveness of background checks goes, however, the fact that most of the guns used in crimes are bought illegally means that even background checks will not solve the problem.

The plan of banning most firearms is yet another impossible task. Adam Winkler of The University of California states, "One key to ratcheting down the emotions in the gun debate is to move beyond disbarment and to recognize the permanence of guns in America. With approximately 300 million guns already in circulation and gun owners unlikely to ever comply with orders to turn in their guns, the guns are here to stay. That goes to prove that the plethora of firearms in the United States is currently insurmountable by any bans. Gun enthusiasts need to open their eyes to new suggestions that may arise from the debate. Stubbornness, in this debate, will solve nothing.

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