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In the course of time, plays are able to discuss varying types of themes. There are plays which presents the current issues while others chose to portray the life of the past.

In the play that I am able to watch, Greek mythology had been the main subject of  the whole story. Greek mythology had been one of the most common types of plays in schools and the likes. Hence, it is inevitable for most people to compare different plays with other plays already available.

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However, the Greek mythology play that I was able to see was written by Sarah Ruhl which is an acclaimed playwright of this era.

As mentioned Sarah Ruhl is a person which is highly capable of providing the audience an intelligent type of entertainment.  Ruhl was able to have a Pulitzer Prize in 2004 and is given attention in John Lahr's article in the New Yorker.  Furthermore, Ruhl was provided a very satisfactory review by the journalist. Hence, this brings a background to the play that I watched.

As a person who had been interested in plays, I often have an expectation. In this case, the expectation that I have for the playwright is high for Ruhl had provided different great plays which had entertained me and other audiences. Upon waiting for the performance to start, I am hesitating to be excited and to expect much from the whole performance.

Given that I was able to know the good information provided by the article I have read. Moreover, I continued to not really think of my expectations and I went with the flow of the story.

In the end of the play, I have realized that Sarah Ruhl was really one of the best writers of this generation. Given that she opted for a Greek mythology as the main subject of her play she is very brave and confident. Hence the journalist was true about his review of Ruhl.

He was able to provide a glimpse of what I needed to expect from the play. In addition to this,  the character actors were also good at their craft. I could see the passion that they have for the parts they were playing. Accordingly, the interpretation of these actors are accurate yet it was not perfect.

I would want to say that they are perfect in playing the role however, there are much experienced actors who had done a great job in playing the role.

In the case of the props, all of the materials were relevant to the story.  The sound of the play as well as the lighting is remarkable.  I have seen other plays but the lighting and the sound truly helps in portraying the story.

Thus, whenever I view the stage it seemed as if there are glossy glasses covering the stage. Thus, the light had created a magnificent illusion that the stage is like a glass ball filled with glitters allover.

In the end, I was not disappointed by the whole play. I have seen other types of plays and most of them are only of high school quality. The amount of effort in every line is very evident. While the passion of the artists were present in every way that they can.

Hence, I could not say more regarding this play because it is a genuine work of art. The play is very classic and classy and is not forgettable. If  I were to view another Greek mythology play my standards had been clearly raised by Ruhl was well as the whole performance of the team.

Upon realizing the whole event, it is very noticeable that every action which the team had done is very organized and clean. Therefore, the audience did not become distracted by any person or prop which is out of line.

Thus, I applaud Sarah Ruhl and her team for creating a magnificent play which does not only enrich the minds of her audiences but also provided a quality play for every one.

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