12 Incredible Columbus Day Deals

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Last Updated: 27 Jul 2020
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It's Columbus Day so of course have made a strong showing all of last week and new deals are starting today. The Team at TechBargains has found some of the best deals from electronics and computers, outdoor and fitness, and tons of other fun stuff that will save you money on the stuff you want. 

This current generation 55" Samsung is a repeat of a deal we saw two weeks ago and is back again. It has all the latest TV technology with HDR and 4K resolution. While you may not use it right away, you will still be getting a terrific deal on a great 2016 Samsung that will be future proofed for years to come. The $250 gift card it includes effectively discounts the price down to $500 and you can use that gift card to get a massive discount on a PS4 or Xbox One, a new laptop, or any other electronics Dell sells like Bose and more.

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Use code: TECHBAR11. This is the lowest price we've seen on the highly rated Amazon Fire HD 6. For less than $50 you are unlikely to find a tablet with better specs. You can travel with it, give it to your kids, or use it on the couch. It includes a full 1-year warranty same as new and at $45 you don't have to worry about losing it as much as say a $700 iPhone.

Use code: LATI549. If you needed a laptop that is reliable, durable and will last you a few years, then Dell's Latitude is a business class laptop should be at the top of your list. These are typically very expensive machines as they are made for businesses that need laptops that will be easy to maintain, perform without a hitch and have no pre-installed junk so that they can customize it their liking. For you, that means you won't get programs asking you to install their software or try it out every 10 minutes as you would with a consumer laptop. A bonus feature is that you also get Windows Pro which opens up a lot of security and backup features that are not included in the regular version.

Use 10% off Code: SAVE10XPSTOWER. This is Dell's the newest version of its most popular desktop. It has several new design features that have been a shortcoming for previous generations. First the XPS Tower is now very easy to upgrade with toolless slots and an power supply that swings out for easier access. It also now can support a full size video card up to 225w which will cover some of the highest end video cards. This is a fantastic deal to jump in on the newest generation of Dell's most popular desktops and you will easily be able to upgrade this when the time comes and extend its life a few years.

This is one of the lowest prices we've seen on McAfee and includes award winning anti-virus and more features for a lower price than just anti-virus alone. It comes with a secure password manager to manage all your passwords. Plus, if you have sensitive financial or personal information, Total Protection can create a protected vault that encrypts your files away from prying eyes.

These are some of the best prices we've seen on Kindle's and one of the first discounts we've seen on the more premium Voyager. We highly recommend the $50 Kindle for occassional readers and the Paperwhite and Voyager for avid readers or those who are looking for an upgrade.

Chamberlain is known for making great garage door openers that operate smoothly and quietly. No more creaking of hinges and loud shuffles as you open the garage door. They've also increased their features with a more secure garage door frequency transmission and compatibility with smartphones (with optional MyQ Technology). Chamberlain gets great reviews across Amazon and Sears and are highly recommnded for a quality garage door opener.

The Amazon Tap is a great stereo bluetooth speaker. Stereo sound is important distinction since most other Bluetooth speakers are mono and also a fraction of the price. Amazon's highly rated Amazon Tap feature Alexa voice service. You can simply tap Alexa it to set you alerts, ask for the weather or directions, play music and more. 

Use code: F7VRNJ2V. These polarized lenses eliminate glare from the sun or other lighting and fantastic for biking and driving. blinding. They are lighweight, provide 100 percent UV protection, and are extremely inexpensive for polarized sunglasses. This is far less than you would pay for even non-polarized lenses and you would never feel bad about losing them if you are out boating.

If you were looking to cut the cord this is one of the best deals to get you started. This has an upgraded quad-core processor and now includes the Alexa Voice remote for the same price as the last generation without a remote. When you pre-order you get a bonus $10 Amazon video credit to spend on shows and movies, two months of Hulu and one month of Slingbox included. The included bonuses add up to $65 in value which far exceeds the price you are paying. Even if you count only the $10 credit against the price it is still one of the best prices for a highly rated and powerful streaming stick.

The Bowflex SelectTech dumbbell set can replace a set of 15 weights and give you more space in your home gym. They easily adjust between 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds -- in 2.5-pound increments. This is only $10 off from the lowest price we've seen and is still about $80 less than everywhere else. 

Use code: B9PFTT5P. This is an inexpensive hammock with great reviews. It's constructed from a lightweight high density canvas so it will be small and light enough to carry when you are hiking. There are built-in spreaders to prevent it from curling and makes it easier to hang. You can also get the optional tree straps for super fast setup in 30 seconds (according to reviews).

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