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Zheng' Bijian is the current chairman of the China Reform Forum and until 2002 when he retired he was the executive Vice President of the Central Party School committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Zheng' Bijian was born in 1932 in Fushun which is in Sichuan province. Zheng' holds a masters in political economics from the People's University of China. Well known for his involvement in research, Zheng has been actively involved in research for the government as well as the Communist party of China (CPC). Zheng' became a personal secretary to Hu Yaobang who was the General Secretary then.

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Zheng' worked for CPC central committee as the publicity department deputy director between 1992 and 1997. Zheng has initiated major policy themes in china including the 'Peaceful rise of China' which aims at developing China in a peaceful manner while incorporating Sino- European relations. He insisted that China needed to yield peaceful international relations even as it relied on its own strength for development.

The foreign policies center The 48 Group Club is an independent network formed in early 1950s which promotes business links with China. It was formed after the first westerners commonly known as the icebreakers formed successful trade relations with China. 48 Group Club currently has over three hundred members in form of political leaders and businesses.

The group networks events mostly related to advancement business to interested institutions and managers. Most organizations that participate are those leading in the development of China Business for British Organizations.

The group is known to hold talks and business related conferences aimed at improving business relations and activities. 48 Group Club holds lectures which allow senior business official and government official alike to exchange views and discuss important issues. The group also holds receptions for visiting delegates to china and those from the private sector during their stay.

Zheng’s speech.

The road for peaceful rise encompasses ten points that are meant to assist China evolves into a world power through development and civilization as it maintains peace in China as well as the rest of the world. Building international relationships is key during the process. They intend to build friendships with other countries while promoting trustworthiness and harmony. China's road for peaceful rise will ensure that the people of China have decent and dignified life.

The country undertakes to improve economic development through acquisition of resources which will in turn increase production. Economic globalization is to be achieved through co-operation with other countries avoiding oppression through colonialization or forceful acquisition of resources from other countries.

The peaceful rise will make use of the socialist system which has a domestic policy of developing productivity while the foreign policy aims at promoting peace. Promotion of industrialization and civilization are also vital as China strives to make a new image for its country. Modern civilization is going to be promoted through new patterns of industrialization to build a harmonious socialist society.

The road of peaceful rise aims at furthering foreign relations through development of Sino-European and Sino-UK relations. China realizes the importance of such relations and intends to participate in international endeavors such as fighting terrorism and fighting weapons of mass destruction.

China hopes to benefit from these relations by promoting economy, education, trade and finance. Learning from the developed countries like Europe and UK to help in tackling problems comes in handy in this peaceful rise. China will make use of European countries which are more developed to assist it in sorting certain problems.

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