The Effect of Exercise

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2020
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For whatever reason people exercise the benefits are worth the pain. The first thing exercise can effect, is your state of mind. Everyone can benefit from this. Someone that has a better state of mind will become less likely to suffer from depression. Another benefit would be to boost one's self esteem. If you look good you'll feel good. The mind is a powerful thing it controls everything, and those who aren't at peace create unmanaged stress. Most people are unaware of the emotional, and physical consequences of unmanaged stress. The second effect exercise can change is one's lifestyle.

Exercising can boost your energy. It can improve muscle strength. Muscle strength can help when it comes to doing just the simple daily shores. Laundry, mopping and doing dishes can all become easier to complete after one starts to exercise on a regular. Another great benefit of having a better life style is that your social life will become more active. From dating to parting with friends, you will find yourself having the time of your life all from working out. The last but the most important effect exercise would change is your health.

Being overweight can cause troubling health problems. Diabetes, and high blood pressure are just two of the main problems overweight people have. Exercising can lessen your chances of becoming ill. Becoming healthier can help a diabetic lower their needs for insulin and can cause one with high blood pressure to have a more stable vital sign. Daily exercise is one of the best medicines out there. It can have you feeling wide awake. Instead of drinking coffee (which can prevent you from falling asleep later, causing drowsiness again the next day) you should walk and keep moving.

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In conclusion a lot of things can happen because of exercise. Exercise is a benefit that everyone at any age can participate in. Rather it's just going to the gym, walking around the neighborhood, or simply just taking the stairs, you will reap the benefits. I just named a few things that exercise can change but there is a lot a great things that can change after one Starts to exercise. I personally feel completely better after started to exercise. Feel like have more energy, I feel like I can take on the world. So I will continue to exercise and I would encourage everyone to do the same.

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