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Effect of Exercise on Squeezing a Clothespin

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Does exercise make your muscles tired? In my controlled experiment I investigated this problem. My hypothesis was “If I rest first then I can squeeze the clothespin more times” My reason behind this is because during exercise I think you tire yourself out more, so resting before squeezing could increase number of squeezes. Methods and Materials The materials I used in this experiment were 8 people (subjects) and 8 clothespins of the same type.

First I recognized my dependent variable, how many times you can squeeze clothespin, and my independent, exercise. I took a group of 8 classmates, excluding myself and instead including my younger brother. I decided to let the control group also serve as the experimental group.

The steps I took were to let the control group rest before starting, and then they squeezed the clothespin for one minute and counted how many times they could squeeze it. After that they rested for another minute, then exercised by jogging in place for one minute and after they immediately squeezed the clothespin.

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Results Subject

Experimental Group

Control Group:

  1. Megan
  2. Dane
  3. Nick B
  4. My younger brother
  5. Nick C
  6. Vinny
  7. Dan Average

More subjects squeezed the pin more times resting first. The average of all the data shows this also. Looking at the graph it’s easier to see the results and compare them than the table. The table does not show a visual comparison but shows the data and numerical information. The table takes longer to read and is harder to understand.

The bar graph is easy to point out trends and patterns. The bars, exercising and resting give an easy understanding and show relationships in the data. They compare the different amounts of how many times the clothespin was squeezed with each subject.

Discussion and Conclusions

Exercise does make your muscles fatigued according to my data results. It also supports my hypothesis. If you rest first you can squeeze the clothespin more times. From the data, I collected the average of the eight people concluded exercise makes your muscles more fatigued and less able to squeeze the clothespin compared to resting before squeezing.

Majority of the subjects used in my experiment concluded with this result too. Muscle fatigue occurs when the muscles have an increase in activity so certain waste products of muscle cell activity build up in the cells. This is could be true with the results I have concluded.

Suggestions for Improvement and Further Research

To improve my experiment I could have changed the amount of time you rest squeeze the pin, how long you rest before exercising, how long you exercise, and what type of exercise is done. Changing some of these things could change my results, and result in some further research to be done. To improve my experiment’s accuracy I could have used more people and have everyone be the same age.

A big error made was using my younger brother because being much younger he had results lower than many other subjects. Making some of these improvements could make my experiment more reliable. For further research, I could research how age affects the hypothesis, or see how things like gender or weight effects the results. Further investigation could help answer these questions.

Effect of Exercise on Squeezing a Clothespin essay

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How does exercise affect clothespin squeezing?
Exercise can affect clothespin squeezing by increasing strength and endurance in the hands and fingers. Regular exercise can help improve grip strength, which can help with squeezing clothespins. Additionally, exercise can help improve overall coordination and dexterity, which can also help with squeezing clothespins.
How do I increase my clothespin squeezing rate?
To increase your clothespin squeezing rate, practice squeezing clothespins regularly and focus on developing a strong grip. Additionally, you can try using heavier clothespins to increase the difficulty and build up your strength.

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