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Product a leaflet which describes (Pl) the provision of exercise or 3 of the target groups you have studied: disabled people, antenatal, postnatal, older adults, children etc. The three gym sectors are Public local government which leisure centre Gym, Desires Gym, Southwest Gym etc. Another sector is the private provision which includes nationwide gyms such as DEW Sports Gym, Pure Gym, Oasis and Bayonets Gym. The final sector in the voluntary sector which may Just be a local Samba class this class will have very little cost involved and is not there to gain masses of profit.

Before I research what each provision has to offer for the specific ropes I can have a rough idea for what they may offer. The gyms that are ran by the government may have a wider variety of classes as the government want everybody to get involved and they will employ people and invest money into getting a healthier population and include all groups in their classes to target all groups. Whereas private gyms are nationwide and will have a lot of customers.

They may look to offer classes towards wherever there is the most profit as they don't have government money so they can invest as much into specific groups if they can't get the customers, forever due to them having a lot of customers already from specific groups they may set up a proper class to meet their needs. The voluntary sector will have less money to fund the classes so they may only have a couple of classes or even Just one that can involve every if possible or the widest target area so they might be more of a struggle to find classes for specific groups.

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Pre Natal Women are restricted from how much exercise they can do and what type of exercise they can do. Many women may already go to the gym before they are pregnant so they will wish to continue their exercise and will want to look for classes that can suit their needs and not put them in any danger of damaging and injuring themselves whilst pregnant.. However other pre natal women may not have been to the gym before however they may want to start going to the gym while they are pregnant to keep them fit rather than Just sat down doing no exercise.

It will be better for the baby which may attract them to use the gym and find out what classes there are at the gym. I am going to look at a variety of gyms from different sectors to find out what they can offer. All gyms have different aims and objectives and I will try to find out if any of the gyms have any aims to achieve through working with pre natal women. The benefits mean pre natal women will want to get into exercise and want to know what is available for them. DEW Sports Gym is a Private provision gym and is not involved or funded by any government.

This gym doesn't advertise any specific exercise groups however they offer a wide range of group exercises. Not all classes would be available for pre natal women however there is some they will be able to take part in due to their condition. The exercises they can take part in are Palates and Aqua sessions. The majority of the sessions are in the 10:00 - 17:00 time slot which could be a problem as they may work through until the late stages of their pregnancy and the gym sessions are inside mainstream working hours.

As these classes are not for specific groups the price of the class is included in your gym membership at the gym which is priced at EYE. O for a full membership including peak and off peak hour's access. Whereas Bloodworm gyms time slots for exercises classes that can involve pre natal women are in the evening making it easier for pre natal women to attend in case they have mainstream working ours. Here is a part of their timetable which shows both the Palates and Yoga classes that are available: no gym included and they usually only deliver one specific class.

A popular example of this is Samba classes as they are often ran outside of gyms in leisure centers or village halls. For pre natal women I have found one class in the local area called 'Fit Bumps Fit Mums' they deliver pre natal yoga classes and Palate's classes. This class is designed specifically for pre natal women. In my opinion this is the best option for pre natal women in the local area as it is specific to them. They have evening sessions at SST Thomas church hall, they also have a session at west Knots collage.

The sessions have to be paid for 6 weeks in advance and the cost is EYE. O this means it is roughly E each session which could be seen as more expensive however if you pay for a gym membership and use it once a week then you pay around EYE for 6 weeks' worth of membership. So it is near enough Just as much as gym session however it is much more specific exercise group with other people in the same situation, this gives pre natal women a chance to mix with each other and meet and socialist with new friends. All participants will be at the same level as well.

Whereas at a gym there will be normal fit people taking part sop you may struggle to keep up with them. Post Natal Women will be going through a stage trying to get rid of their baby fat. Women on average should usually wait 6 Weeks before getting back into regular exercise, this will differ depending on how much exercise you took part in before child birth. For the women who attended the gym during pregnancy then they will wish to carry on specific classes as they will still be restricted certain types and mounts of exercise.

For the women who didn't already attend the gym before or during pregnancy then they will defiantly not want to free train they will want a class specific to them so they can get their fitness back and continue with their normal lifestyle. I will research what each gym from different sectors has to offer and compare what gym would be the most suitable for post natal women. This will be the gym with the best classes for these specific groups with targets to improve that specific area and also if there is a choice we will look at what gyms have better more accessible facilities and which gym that you get best value of money from.

For Post natal women the voluntary sector again offers good classes, the same voluntary provision 'Fit Bumps Fit Mums' which continue on after the pregnancy they do a '21 day plan' ran through an online programmer accessible by their private Backbone group. The programmer includes 21 days' worth of workouts that can be done at home. I believe this is a good idea as it means they don't have to go straight back to exercise in a gym where they may feel like they are behind which will be depressing for them.

The online programmer costs EYE 1 believe this an extremely good price as you would pay more for a gym membership and wouldn't even go 21 days in one month. They offer online motivation and can be done whenever best for you and you won't have to travel this will suit post natal women as they will have babies that they won't be able to go to a gym with them this makes it much more suitable for their situation. Elderly People Being active can play an important part in both positive ageing and reducing frailty, helping to reduce the risk of falls. It can help older people maintain their health, well- deteriorate as a natural part of ageing.

Weakened muscles are not as strong to cope with everyday tasks such as getting up from a chair or walking, and people's balance can be affected. Being active throughout life and especially in older age can help to slow down the rate that muscles deteriorate. This can help older people remain active and independent as long as possible and also reduce the risk of falls in later life. Not all older people have the same needs. For older people who are reasonably healthy and active or whose function has only slightly declined, lots of different activities can help them to remain strong, for as long as possible.

For older people it is recommended to get a GAP referral so that you can be referred to a fitness group/ gym that know exactly how to deal with your needs to prevent injury or damage but still improve your fitness. People who are out of shape or elderly should start aerobic training gradually. For example, they may start with 5 - 10 minutes of low-impact aerobic activity every other day and build toward a goal of 30 minutes per day, three to seven times a week. Swimming is an ideal exercise for many elderly people and or certain people with physical limitations.

People with physical limitations include pregnant women. At DEW Fitness there are many classes available to suit the needs of older people such as Palates, Yoga and Aqua aerobics. All these classes are free when signed on to a gym membership wherever it is a monthly or yearly membership contract. Membership contracts at DEW fitness for seniors is EYE. 95 if you wish to may monthly or IEEE. 40 for a upfront yearly cost with offers such as 2 months free and Join before 30th November and don't start payment until 1st January.

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