The Borouge Company

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Borouge Company

Borouge is a petrochemical company founded in 1998 that produces polyolefin which started its production in the year 2001. It is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi national company by 60% and Austria Borealis by 40%. The Production Company is based in Abu Dhabi while its marketing company is located at Singapore. The plant is located at Ruwais city that has a production capacity of 600,000 ton of polyethylene in pellets form. There are several kinds of polyethylene products which are produced by Borouge such as pipe, wire, cable, film, blow and injection molding.

The operation division has several divisions. Examples are the plant availability, human resource and procurement. In procurement, there are three departments which are contacts, procurement support and purchasing that are all very important in giving support for the company. One of main items that keep the plant running is the Additives which are purchased by the Purchasing department. Additives are used in Polyethylene pellets for stabilizers to prevent the deformation of plastic .

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Also, as ultra violet protection, to keep the mechanical properties of plastic after it was manufactured, to keep the original color and to prevent the flavor of any taste came from the plastic especially that types of plastic which manufactured as bottles that used for easting and drinking. The additives are feed to the final products by a feeding system based on loss on weight control system in the last stage of production process before producing the pellets.

As well as, additives are continually feed into product while plant in running mode which means in twenty four hour of manufacturing of polyethylene. Based on the above, an additive is an essential factor to keep the plant running as required to have a quality product. By keeping it, the company will fit its quality requirement in order to sell their products in good price. Without having these additives, their sale value will drop sharply by selling bad product and loosing their reputation in the market.

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