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The Perfect Storm

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The night slowly filling with mist as the thunder clouds came together. Every afternoon in summer, Jenny, Oscar, Charlotte and Ginny love to sit on the porch watching the sprinkle of rain falling from above. But this was not just a normal summer storm; it was the perfect storm that would shock all who lived in Alice Springs. The scraps of the tree branches hitting the tin roof as the wind swooped in. In the distance, the roll of clouds could be seen as they filled the sky above; covering all light that now couldn’t be seen.

In his raincoat Oscar ventured out to the far shed to get a better view of the coming storm. Through the long grass he went to the shed, to keep warm from the incoming storm. They is sat and watched with the barn animals outside the cows, horse chickens and his dog George. As the storm grew bigger, heavier and gradually crept closer the excitement grew within the children; of Jenny, Charlotte and Ginny went to join their brother Oscar in the far shed, despite what their mother had told them to stay in the house as nothing good would come from being closer to the storm.

Waiting for the storm to arrive took a lot long the children first thought of, as they waited they got hungry, got tired and slowly started to fall asleep. A loud clap of thunder shoock the shed awaking thall of the children that were now fast asleep. Jenny the oldest, opened the door to see what was the problem; as Ginny and Charlotte watched from the window pressing their faces against it waiting to see what they could see. Oscar just sat still as a Nome awaiting the reply of one of his sister to tell him what happening as he was afraid of what, was going to happen next.

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The Perfect Storm

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Franticly from the window Charlotte saw Jenny running back with a worried look on her face. As she tried to open the shed door the pressure from the wind flooded in slamming it into the wall, sending the loose had flying around the shed, creating a tornado of sharp, prickly hay. The force of the wind and the hay broke the window that was above Ginny. It broke on to her lap, cutting her leg. It was a small but deep cut, that oozed red thick blood. Oscar ran into the storage room grabbing sheets and ripping them apart and tying them around her arm.

Now the storm was too fierce to run back through the grass to the house. All they could do now was wait and hope for the storm to be over soon. They pressed themselves against the wall pressing their faces one against one huddling and staying warm. Oscar heard an animal cry coming from outside. He went to investigate from the shattered window above. He saw the horses, cows, chickens squeezing and running for shelter under the big oak tree 20 metres away. A sudden scratch was heard at the door.

But not knowing what it was he didn’t opening the door. Through a jagged small hole in the wall their beloved god George squeezed through, wet, scared and tired. He ran quickly to Oscar jumping into is arms and nestled into his jumper. As they waited they listen and heard the hail stones hitting into the roof above, the loud thunder claps that shock the shed followed by the bright lightning bolts that lit up the yard and the shed. They felt like prisoners in a house, being kept close and tight and not allowed to move.

They battle in the sky grew louder and louder, all around them all that could be heard was thunder, hail and lightning in the sky, shinning like diamonds. The time slowly passed, one hour; two hours gone slowly they feel deep, deep asleep. Ginny dreamed of a rainbow all the colours filling the sky. Oscar dreamed of the smell of bacon being swept up in the wind from his mums cooking, Charlotte dreamed of a cubby house where she could play day in and day out. AS Jenny did not have dream but a nightmare.

Thinking of the worst possible outcome for tomorrow; waking up, no siblings around her, no shelter above, and only scraps of the house spread in the distant paddocks. Knowing she had no one left, no rainbow, no smell of bacon, no cubby house, nothing. Her nightmare shook her around, flinching in her sleep she awoke. Slowly she crawled to the door and opened it and saw a bright blue sky and yellow sun with a colourful rainbow painted in the sky above it was morning. High pitched scream destruction the storm caused as the most important things were there her siblings.

A whiff of bacon was smell as it passed through the door, their mother was safe and what cooking them breakfast. All of the dream were true as in the distance there cubby house was still standing. The perfect storm had come to an end. Was heard from her mouth as the storm was over her worst nightmare was gone they survived the tormenting thunder and hail and best of all she could see her siblings. Charlotte, Ginny and Oscar woke up by the scream and were compressed together underneath Jenny’s body. The sign of hope was in the sky and nothing would ruin this moment, not the destruction that now was.

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