The scene of a beach on a beach on a hot summers day.

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I stepped out into a burning oasis. Somehow I suddenly forgot about my home it seemed a world away from where I was standing. My eyes fluttered as a peered at the sun, the grains of sand at my feet began to feel familiar. As I started to wonder over the dunes. In the distance figures darting across the white hills appeared. I stopped quiet abruptly, and turned to the sea. My eyes glittered as I studied the waves. Boats on the horizon seemed like pointless dots on a piece of paper; forgotten but will always purpose. I saw a lilo bobbing in the in the uncharted waves.

A body was placed so lightly upon the plastic float with skin so tender the light kissed it. Children playing so innocently by the shore, sand castles scattered about all with a different story to tell. The children were white with sun block as they paddled in the tide. I carried on stumbling over the boiling sand. I noticed some surfers taming the waves, that tossed them carelessly aside. I started to walk closer to the sea, I felt the salty cooling breeze upon my face so pure. I took off my shoes and sat by the shore as I once did when I was a child, now I was no longer alone.

The seagulls 'cooed' gently, then I heard the complete opposite to the seagulls soft voices I heard people, yelling and laughing I turned and saw a busy promenade. The peer was in the distance, the old fun-fair temping me over though now the heat was overpowering me. I carelessly dragged my feet up the cobbled steps to the promenade. Shops piled upon shops, people piled upon people. Shops filled with food as I pushed closer I began to smell all too familiar smells, that all my life had reminded me of this wonderful place, the seaside. Fish and chip bars placed in every other window it was as if I was walking down I hall of mirrors.

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After looking around for a while I began to feel very hot and tired so I returned back to the beach, boiling and sticky I slipped onto the sand. I lay looking at the clear blue sky, blue like the waves that calmly lapped the shore. A mother and child sat quietly beside me, the child holding a green spade that caught the light and made my eyes squint whilst he dug furiously into the sand. His mother lay perched on a deck chair, sunbathing her eyes fixed on her child. "Alfie" she called "be carefully", the young child covered in a white paste giggled and carried on.

I turned over now alone with my thoughts, staring back at me was a huge grey donkey part of a fleet of them that marched like soldiers alone the beach every single day, tens of times. His eyes; seemed tired and weepy. I went on to imagine how thirsty he must be in this intense heat. Volley ball pitches were littered upon the flat open range to my left. The noise of laugher filled the air people were every where to be seen, deckchairs and coloured umbrellas with families around them continued in sequent's as far as I could see down the flat plain of sand.

I turned to my right once again, it looked like a untamed world compared with what I had just saw it was much quieter here. There was only the silent mother and her child to be seen. The mother now cradling her child tightly to her chest. The child was now lapping up a ice-cream, it must have been ice cold to touch the child's lips. The sun began to set upon a day full of interest. The tide began to draw near, closer and closer the water came, the light bouncing off the tiny waves. As the water prudently teased my toes. I stood up and walked knowing away from my oasis.

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