Essays on The Scarlet Letter

Essays on The Scarlet Letter

Originally published: 1850
Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Text: The Scarlet Letter at Wikisource
Genre: Romantic, Historical| Thriller|Supernatural
Characters: Hester Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale, Roger Chillingworth, Pearl, Natty Bumppo

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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is described as a fictional masterpiece by many. The book depicts acts of betrayal, psychological torture, and the internal battle of keeping secrets as well as what is right and what is wrong. Set during the 17th century in …

Nathaniel HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter
Words 2217
Pages 9
Effects of Sin in the Scarlet Letter

Unfortunately sin can often lead to isolation. In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester Prynne, a beautiful young woman who is chastised for adultery, and Arthur Dimmesdale, Boston’s beloved minister who is the father of Hester’s baby, both begin doleful lives of isolation after …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 1646
Pages 7
Cause and Effect: the Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter Set in Boston, in the Puritan times of the 1940’s, the book, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is about a young girl named Hester Prynne who commits adultery with the town’s minister, Arthur Dimmensdale. Hester is married to a man named …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 1252
Pages 6
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The Significance of the Three Scaffold Scenes in the Scarlet Letter

The scaffold played an important part in identifying the characters of the Scarlet Letter throughout the novel. At each scene, the reader comes to understand something of the main characters and glimpses how that sin represented by the scarlet “A” has affected them. Hester Prynne, …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 526
Pages 3
Jane and Hester

Love is something defined as happiness, but what does love mean when it begins to hurt that person and traps them completely? The definition of love changes and becomes a continuous struggle to escape or run away from the evils it possesses. No matter how …

Jane EyreLoveThe Scarlet Letter
Words 1205
Pages 5
The Scarlet Letter Summary: Chapters 7-11

In these chapters, Hester visits the governor’s mansion. She wants to find out if the rumors that Pearl might be taken away from her are true. When she finally meets with the governor she begs him to not take her daughter away from her. They …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 280
Pages 2
Analysis of Hester Prynne

The Scarlet Letter is a classical, romance novel written in 1850 by the famous American author Nathaniel Hawthorne. The story takes place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1642 to 1649. Even though there are four main characters, The Scarlet Letter centers around the sin …

Hester Prynne
Words 426
Pages 2
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Critical Essay

Her existence made most of society feel malcontent. Most of societies intellectual was a structured procedure, everything was played by the book. The novel “The Scarlet Letter” was published March 16,1850 by the astounding author Nathaniel Hawthorne. The novel is set in the 17th century …

Nathaniel HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter
Words 557
Pages 3
The Scarlet Letter Intro Essay

In the sixteenth century. Puritans immigrated to America from Great Britain in order to get away spiritual persecution. and by the mid seventeenth century they had erected a good established society based on their theological beliefs. The Puritan faith was one of asceticism and geared …

ReligionThe Scarlet Letter
Words 1061
Pages 5
The Scarlet Letter: Significance of Hester Prynne

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne reveals that although society attempts to confine people, those with inner strength are able to break free of their restrictive labels. Even though the public shunned Hester and forced her into solitude, she still, at the end …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 380
Pages 2
Essay about The Scarlet Letter

The minister hips himself “Laughing bitterly at himself the while, and smiting so much MO re pitilessly, because of that bitter laugh” (120). Timescale is miserable and pathetic that while he is torturing himself for his sin, he laughs at himself. By laughing bitterly at …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 553
Pages 3
The Scarlet Letter Creative Assignment Paper

 This morning I awake in the prison, waiting for guards to take me to the market place. Pearl and my fate will be decided very soon and I am shaking with anxiety. What will become of us? Will it be that the people see the …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 672
Pages 3
Mad Shadows and the Scarlet Letter

In the novel Mad Shadows by Marie-Claire Blais and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, isolation was used as a major theme to sculpt and reveal the characters true identity. The behaviour of each central character towards isolation crafted their fates. The Scarlet Letter portrays …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 1120
Pages 5
Chapter 17 Scarlet Letter Analysis

Mira Susa, Jennifer Welsh Mr. Jordan AP Language and Composition 19 November 2009 “Chapter 17” Chapter 17, “The Pastor and His Parishioner,” of The Scarlet Letter, starts off with Dimmesdale returning from his journey through the dark forest, upon which Hester waits faithfully for him …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 1626
Pages 7
The Scarlet Letter Study Guide

Transcendentalism was a religious and philosophical movement of the early nineteenth century that was dedicated to the belief that divinity manifests itself everywhere, particularly in the natural world. It also advocated a personalized, direct relationship with the divine in place of formalized, structured religion. This …

The Scarlet LetterTranscendentalism
Words 443
Pages 2
Research – Whether Human Sciences are Considered Real Sciences

Human science fragments everything In order to understand It, kills everything In order to examine It. ” (Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace)l There has always existed the question whether human sciences are considered real sciences and if do they really follow the established guidelines of …

ChristianityReligionThe Scarlet Letter
Words 468
Pages 2
The Meteor as a Symbol in the Scarlet Letter

The Meteor that Dimmesdale sees in Chapter 12 of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is an important symbol. As the minister watches the night sky, together with Hester and Pearl, a meteor appears that traces out an „A“. While most of the people think that …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 253
Pages 2
Transcendental Themes within The Scarlet Letter

In 1 850 Is a story of adulterated love and revenge, set in sass’s Boston, in a small Puritan community. Nathaniel Hawthorne evokes transcendentalism and romanticism in a variety of ways throughout the novel, focusing on youthful innocence, truths of the human hearts, the pureness …

RomanticismThe Scarlet LetterTranscendentalismTruth
Words 2524
Pages 11
Character analysis of The Scarlett Letter

Character Analysis Essay. The Scarlet Letter “Grief does not change you, Hazel. It reveals you. ” These are the words of John Green in The Fault in Our stars. This also applies somewhat to Arthur Timescale in The Scarlet Letter. Grief does not change him …

CultureNathaniel HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter
Words 760
Pages 4
Analysis of The Scarlet Letter Ch

Nathaniel Hawthorne expresses Hester Prune’s self-perception by using the concept of physiognomy, the notion that the outer appearance of a person reflects his or her Inner qualities. One of the common methods through which people display their beliefs and emotions is the manner In which …

ClothingThe Scarlet Letter
Words 525
Pages 3
The Old Nurse’s Story

English GCSE Coursework Essay In Response To The Question ‘How Effective Is Elizabeth Gaskell In Creating A Sense Of Foreboding And Danger In ‘The Old Nurse’s Story’ For A Modern Audience?’ It is my belief that, for a modern audience, the author is effective in …

Hester PrynneThe Scarlet Letter
Words 1105
Pages 5
Expressions of the Transcendentalists

“Nobody knows this little Rose” by Emily Dickinson expresses how important a rose actually is to its environment and without the rose being of existence will affect the objects that are close to it. Dickinson goes onto say what is affected by the loss of …

The Scarlet LetterTranscendentalist
Words 1464
Pages 6
Irony in the Scarlet Letter

What if irony didn’t exist? If it didn’t, even at a minimal level, The Scarlet Letter wouldn’t be able to function in its complete and published form. Its frame and substructure of distinctly morose themes scrutinizing sin, knowledge, and the human condition would not exist …

IronyRevengeThe Scarlet Letter
Words 1061
Pages 5
The Scarlet Marxist

There have been many critiques of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Some critiques are far-fetched. Some indict society’s views of religion and the guilt of women in the downfall of the human race. However, when taking a modern Marxist view of The Scarlet Letter, …

Nathaniel HawthorneSocial ClassThe Scarlet Letter
Words 1575
Pages 7
Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Writers of literature, especially those in the genre of stories, used different types of themes and symbolisms to represent an idea and concept that is not directly mentioned by the writer. Most themes especially about life, human nature and society are implied rather than explicitly …

Nathaniel HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter
Words 1025
Pages 5
Feminism and Sexism

The Scarlet Letter “In Heaven’s own time, a new truth would be revealed, in order to establish the whole relation between man and woman on a surer ground of mutual happiness” (ch. 24). The Scarlet Letter; where there is a woman, a husband, and a …

AdulteryFeminismMarriageSexismThe Scarlet Letter
Words 1235
Pages 5
Spheres in Scarlet Letter

It was once said that “the only living societies are those which are animated by inequality and injustice. ” A man named Paul Claudel wrote this in his work, Conversations dans le Loir-et-Cher, and he criticizes the ability to have a functional society. Societies are …

BeliefIndividualismThe Scarlet Letter
Words 1580
Pages 7
Scarlet Letter Pearl

Scarlet Letter- pearl Through out the story Pearl was said to be a curse of Hester’s adultery but personally I believe she was somewhat of a blessing and a curse. For a child Pearl had amazing intelligence and was able to imagine a multitude of …

The Scarlet Letter
Words 651
Pages 3
Plant Imagery Throughout the Scarlet Letter

Honors American Lit. B The Scarlet Letter Pathway Paper – 694 wordsApril 23, 2013 Throughout The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne uses vegetation imagery in correlation with his ideas about sinful nature and god. When describing the prison in the very beginning of the novel, Hawthorne …

GodImageryReligionThe Scarlet Letter
Words 706
Pages 3
The Worst Sinner in the Scarlet Letter

The Worst Sinner in The Scarlet Letter In The Scarlet Letter there are three main sinners presented to the reader. Hester Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth are all written with their own forms of sin, and each has a unique coping mechanism for their …

ReligionRevengeThe Scarlet Letter
Words 1453
Pages 6


What does the scarlet letter teach us?
The Scarlet Letter taught me that the story is about the underlying themes. Sin, forgiveness, as well as redemption, are timeless ideas. The consequences of poor choices can be devastating for young people just like Hester Perryne.
What is the thesis of The Scarlet Letter?
The main theme of the work "The Scarlet Lette", is sin and guilt. Nathaniel Hawthorne explores how guilt could be a permanent punishment. Through symbolism as well as character development, the book represents guilt and sin.
How do you cite the scarlet letter in an essay?
CITATION The Scarlet Letter. Boston: Ticknor, Reed & Fields, Boston, 1850.,1999.
What is the secret of the main character in The Scarlet Letter?
What are Hester Prynne’s secrets, exactly? Hester keeps the identity and name of her illegitimate son's father (Reverend Dimmesdale), as well as Roger Chillingworth (her spouse) secret.

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