Important Components of Word Processing Software

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There are many useful tools in word processing software that can help one to achieve success in their career such as; font settings, highlighting, line spacing, spelling and grammar checking, and the ability to implement spreadsheets, tables and graphs. Word processors such as Microsoft Word have many typesetting features to help the user accomplish their goals. Features like different font sizes and the ability to change the color that a phrase is displayed in, grant the user an avenue to express different emphasis on certain phrases with greater ease.

Also this can help to organize and make the general reading of a paper more easy on the reader. Other tools such as highlighting help with this process as well, giving the user a way to ‘point out’ important portions of the information contained in the document. Line spacing is yet another tool that can help in the process of making a document easier to read. By using a broader line spacing you make it easier for the eyes to keep place and follow along the same line.

In addition to the options one has with editing the typeface and aesthetics of a document, there are tools implemented into most word processors that help to correct errors in spelling and grammar. Spell check and grammar check are helpful tools when creating a document. When writing a paper, if the program recognizes any errors in spelling it will place a red zigzag underline underneath the word or phrase that is incorrect. The same is also true of grammar check. It will check for errors in punctuation or grammar and place a green underline under the phrase or word.

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Control Key and Word - Text and Graphics.

In both cases, right clicking usually reveals a list of suggestions as to how to properly correct the problem. Last but not least in a situation where one needs to present data to a superior or coworker, most word processors have tools that allow for the placement of graphs and tables which help the user to present data relevant to the subject of the document. With the technology in place in today’s word processing software, the flow and transfer of information has been made a lot simpler.

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