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A true global leader in risk management services,insurance and reinsurance brokerage and human consulting services – The Aon Corporation is strong through its 36,000 professionals worldwide. Its innovative and effective consultancy solutions that outline its length and breadth of services is internationally iconic, Headquartered in Chicago, Aon is a 1982 merger of Ryan Insurance Group and Combined International Corporation – “Aon” means “oneness” in the Gaelic language. Such oneness went into the binge of acquisitions and mergers in the decades of the 80s and 90s, with relevant companies that is congruent with their objectives.

Beyond “bigness and oneness” Aon’s soul exudes global responsiveness and client focused objectives. Thus, Aon Corporation registered a total revenue of US$7. 5 billion in financial year ending 2007. Aon recognizes in its human capital consulting strategies that corporations all over the world puts prime consideration and investment in human talents. This impetus warrants sustainable growth, drive profit and the continuity of businesses. Therefore, Aon’s distinctive and innovative human resource development solutions are personalized and customized to each and every client to enable them to root world class skills and talents.

Aon likewise offers solutions in compensation structures that truly and extensively rewards performances and motivates deserving employees. It also provides a unique advisory called “FALCon” that resolve complex business, legal and regulatory issues that their clients face. Aon provide solutions towards health and benefits of the employees of their clients. Such solutions are sensitive and congruent to the ever changing economies of scale in employment benefit costs. Aon provides a balance between their clients financial capabilities vis-a-vis as to what employees truly deserve as benefits.

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This is done through research and diagnosis that outlines facts that creates a customized employee benefit solutions. Therefore, with excellent benefit solutions, Aon is geared in helping their clients in managing top class human capital talents. The methodologies of assessing performances; skills development processes and employee engagement components – are all designed to achieve the best business results and corporate growth. Aon also offers outsourcing strategies through state-of-the art tools and scalable business models.

This reduces costs of staffing and compliance with global standards in benefits, laws and regulations. Finally, retirement programs and structures are solutions that Aon has been in consultancy for more than 60 years. Their solutions are streamlined and astute in accordance to many legal, financial and social complexities anywhere in the world At the end of the day, the dedication of Aon actually starts from the perspective of its employees towards client focus: “Every day our employees ask, ‘How can we help a client or how can we help a colleague help a client?

’ Because each of our client groups has unique needs, our professionals—coordinated by strategic account managers, or relationship managers—specialize by product, function and client industry. By truly listening to you and working with you as a partner, we can best develop solutions that work seamlessly with your business. Only in this manner can we help you uncover risks and discover new opportunities to make your business more successful, now and into the future. ” (Aon Overview, 2008)


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