The 4 Ps applied to each target market segment

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The price of the flavored milk would be relatively more than the normal organic milk. The packaging would be more attractive and eye catching. Flavored organic milk can also be sold to children and teenagers, thus the promotion should also include them. People can be asked to taste the milk and compare to other organic milks and normal milks available in the market. The milk should be available in all outlets which are near the target market. The un-flavored organic milk would be mainly targeted towards the older generation.

The packaging would be more simple and with more information on the cover when compared to the packaging of the flavored milk. The older generation purchase their products from the outlet they have been purchasing their groceries from for the past years. The trick is it to know where these outlets are located and to ensure that your product is available in these outlets. Also people who are concerned for the environment will constitute a different segment; the packaging for these people will be different and more environmentally friendly. The packaging for this product will be recyclable.

The price need not be different from the normal packaged milk. The promotion for this milk can be in newspapers and adverts on television. Conclusion In the end, it is important to know your buyers or target market in detail to ensure that your product is successful. Since organic milk is a consumer product, the buyers for this product are consumer buyers. One thing to keep in mind when studying buyer behavior, according to the Marketing Teacher website is the hierarchy of needs by Maslow. Buyer behavior is usually according to the level on which the individual that constitutes the target market is on.

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