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Advertising to Target Market Segment

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The advertisement selected for this task is promoting Sydney Opera House. This advertisement has been published in Mice. net magazine. This advertisement has been promoting an event by Opera Point Events, which is been held in the Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera House is located in North South Wales. It is located on the Sydney Harbor at Bennelong Point (Sydney, 2007). This monument is considered one of the greatest master pieces of the modern world. The monument was created by Jorn Utzon and opened in 1973. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia.

A lot of tourist and travelers throng to the city to catch a glimpse of this master work. Tourism Statistics In Sydney, tourism is one of the important sources of revenue for the city’s economy. The city plays host to a number of domestic and international tourists. In 2008, the number of domestic visitors was 7. 6 million while international visitors to the city were 2. 7 million. The city’s major attractions are the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Royal Botanical Gardens, the beaches, Sydney Tower and Luna Park.

In the New South Wales regions, tourism has an important role to play in the economy. Due to this factor, it has value in this region. The domestic as well as international tourists have equal importance for the economy of NSW. It receives around 24. 3 million domestic overnight visitants. This brings in revenue of more than 82 million in the nights. The state of New South Wales gets 2. 8 million international overnight visitors. They earn the revenue of around 60m in night time. The day trips are also very profitable for the state. It receives the revenue of around 4.2million from the domestic visitors’ daytrips. These daytrips form one third of the total Australian daytrips. This tourism business provides a lot of jobs and income for the city which is higher as compared to other states. This industry is valued at around $27 billion which is a huge amount. The importance of this industry can be noted from the fact that it provides nearly 157,800 direct quality jobs. According to the Tourism Forecasting Committee report 2009, the inbound tourist rate is likely to fall in 2009 by 4. 1 percent (Tourism NSW Presentation to Industry, 2009). The next year i.e. 2010 look more promising as according to the report, the arrival rate is going to bounce back by 5. 3 percent in 2008. In 2009, the rate of arrival of domestic visitors at night would decrease by 0. 9% but in 2010, this figure will improve by 1. 0 percent. The international travel as per the Latest International Visitor Survey shows little weakening signs but still the domestic visitors would help in contributing to the revenue. Cost Components of the tailor-made package There are different cost components, which are offered by the company in its events to provide tailor-made package.

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These are as follow: Menus: This requires the eye-catching designing and format to attract the first sight of any client or company. It includes the prices of different options offered in the menu for the purpose of event.

Beverages: The company offers various beverage packages to its clients for event. Event management services: The Company offers its guidance to the needy clients apart from the catering part. It offers various service components necessary for an attractive event such as floral, themeing, entertainment, table centrepeices, corporate gifts and audio visual equipments.

Evaluating the Opera Point Events Opera Point Events manages The Utzon Room, The Summer Pavilion, Opera Point Marquee, the Southern Forecourt and the Northern Foyers of the Opera Theatre and the Concert Hall. This venue holds a number of events for the business and professional people. An instance of this was an event held to introduce Simon Sandall’s food and the new Opera Point Events team to the people. The target markets for this venue were media, professional conference organizers, inbound operators and event managers (Creating and Costing Your Event, 2009)..

The aim behind organizing such kind of events was to make this venue the preferable choice for holding these kinds of events. The Opera Point Events wants to establish the image of Opera House as the place of choice for holding the city’s main events. This venue offers a unique place for holding conference and corporate events of various sizes. The staff provides event planners which offer customized services and a number of options for the customers. These options can be anything like providing breakfasts, short meetings, conferences cocktail parties etc. Conclusion

The advertisement by the Opera Point Events very well covers the target market of this region. The main target is the business class people. The pictorial graphics have been used wisely to depict various services and grandeur offered by choosing for this location. The message of the advertisement is successful in giving the details of the unique services and various advantages offered by this venue. Overall this advertisement has been successful in targeting the market for this region. Designing an advertisement is an important part of any marketing strategy.

It is very essential that the advertisement message and design must reach out and appeal to the target audience.


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