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The 2003 Case Study and the Present Challenges of Wal-Mart

In the 2003 Case Study of Wal-Mart, there have been several threats that have been mentioned and lengthily discussed.But probably one of the said threats that have been stated in the said case study is the presence of stiff competition that may bring the lordship of Wal-Mart as the biggest retail store around the world in jeopardy.True to the case study done in 2003, one of the biggest problem being faced and challenges the existence of Wal-Mart in the industry is the competition being brought by the local competitors and Carrefour, the second leading retailer in the world in terms of revenue earning.

Carrefour poses as a great threat to Wal-Mart since the former is doing very well in engaging in business internationally.

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Moreover, Carrefour holds the leadership in the market in China. Nevertheless, this threat of competition from rival big retail store is expected to be an ever-present challenge to the business and leadership of Wal-Mart in the retail industry. Any firm engaged in a business is sure to experience a stiff competition from rival players in the industry.


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