Wal-Mart Case

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In 2004, six female employees currently and previously employed in Wal-Mart represented all the female employees (approximately 800,000) and filed a sex discrimination class action lawsuit against the company. It was considered as the “largest civil rights class action ever certified against a private employer. ” The plaintiffs alleged that the company did not provide the female employees compensation and promotion opportunities that are equal to what the male employees received.

They presented an undisputed descriptive statistics where salary disparity in almost every job was indicated, the gap of which widened over time. It was also indicated in their report that it took longer for women to be given a managerial position. The court reviewed the evidence presented and declared that “Wal-Mart engages in discriminatory practices compensation and promotion that affect all plaintiffs in a common manner. ”

Sex discrimination practices of Wal-Mart mentioned in the case imply that the company procedures and policies implemented by the company are either gender-biased or not enforced as stated. Hence, the human resource (HR) department should review the current compensation and promotion practices and pinpoint the policies that can be considered as sexually discriminating. After reviewing the employment practices on compensation and promotion, the HR department should establish new policies that prohibit sex discrimination.

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The implementation and enforcement of the new policies must also be closely monitored. The HR department should carefully observe the managers and supervisors to make sure that they are not engaging in any discriminatory practice. Wal-Mart should also regularly audit their statistics to ensure that the company is not intentionally discriminating anyone (Perry, 2005). As to promotion policies, Wal-Mart should avoid making gender stereotypes (e. g. , the notion that women are not suited to be in a management position) as the basis of their decisions.The company should also provide equal training opportunities for male and female employees.


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