Technology In Our Daily Lives

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Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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Technology is increasingly dominate the lives of human race for the last hundred years. We are becoming more dependent on it in many regards. It is very useful in assisting us on doing household works, education and transports. Despite it’s peaceful use the advancement of technology is still a subject of much controversy. Many argue that the production or consumption of it can be very undesirable for the society. It’s because new kind of weapon develop as new technology advance. Besides, new type of crime also can occur. The dropping of two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki pictured modern technology as a threat to humanity.

Our modern technology is also seen as something that can wipe out lives in a blink of an eye especially when we are talking about weaponry. Since the end of the First World War humanity has raced to develop weapons of mass destruction. During the Cold War, the American and Soviet Union had enough nuclear stockpiles to annihilate the human race. They both are trying to dismantle as much as they can since the Cold War ended long ago. But people are still fear the danger of nuclear terrorism. It’s when nuclear weapons fall to the hand of terrorist.

The movie “Sum Of All Fears” dramatizes things that could happen when terrorists have a control over nuclear weapon. New type of crime also taking place as our technology advance. Cyberbullying can be one of the examples. It’s the use of information technology to harm or harass other people in a deliberate, repeated and hostile manner. It’s a very serious offence in some countries like in the United States, United Kingdom and many other developed nations. Other than that, new type of scams like voice pitching also occur as the way we communicate change because of advancement in communication technology.

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However, many also argue that the improvement of our technology improve health care services in many ways. In the last 50 years, doctors and scientists have developed many new approaches and cures for deadly and contagious diseases like Tubercolosis. Also, doctors now able to detect symptoms of diseases earlier before it can cause harm to the patient. Now, surgeons also able to perform a surgery without physically present in the surgical room. This thing can happens because the help of our modernization of our communication technology and modern computer.

Nevertheless, technology is also an engine of prosperity. It gives benefits to our economy as new machineries able to produce more variety of goods and provide better services. Economy able to satisfy the increasing needs and wants of the society as new technology enable producer to process things quicker. At home, machineries also assist us in finishing many of our household works. Now, working mother able to cook dishes without having to cook it by themselves. They can use their smartphone application to get it done for them.

It affects educational field in many terms at the same time. Schools and universities able to provide better service by confronting students with up to date information from the internet. The invention of new software like Turnitin helps lecturers to prevent their students from plagiarize someone’s work. In conclusion, technology is very beneficial for the live of human race. It’s offers us a better medical care as its prolonged our life p. Besides, it’s also serve as an engine of prosperity as it can satisfy our needs and wants better and also it increases human well being.

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