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Information Technology; How It Affects Our Lives

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Along with the advancements of mankind, although some might disagree it is not technology, the telegraph became he telephone; the telephone became the cell-phone and; wired services became wireless (pallbearer, university of Phoenix, 2012). It Is a fascinating concept that a person can go to the far reaches of not just earth, but into space as well, and still we can share information with those aboard the International Space Station, or relay information to the Hubble Space Telescope, to look for certain objects in space.

Personally I find it fascinating; the ability to communicate with friends and family around the world, the first words of a child, seen or heard through the use of audio r video devices. Technology, with all it has to offer, Is a key element to our future and the future of our children. It Is now possible through both audio and visual help, and the introduction of computers, students are learning at a somewhat more equal pace. Children at home, providing the home has one, using a computer or even a handheld device, are learning the alphabet and numbers at an earlier age.

Albeit to say that even many video games the children play using this technology, helps to develop eye-hand coordination. Information shared between professionals In the deiced Industry, both current and previous physicians Is great as It can determine how a patient may recover from an illness, or colleagues can look over the same information and diagnose a patient. Technology and all its advancements are beneficial in the fields of medicine and science and help to save lives.

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Through personal observations and research material it is quite clear that many people have become or are becoming more dependent on the internet and information technology. We have a need to have contact every waking moment with our 964 friends online. We have the need to sit home with our children and explore the internet instead of the outside world. While Information Technology is a key element to our future, excessive time wasted can result in physical and mental health risks; as well harming us socially and economically.

With the introduction of Information Technology, many people are finding themselves without Jobs to go to tomorrow. Economically speaking several major corporations are closing their doors, as there are many places one can access on the internet to purchase goods such as e-books; digital downloads of movies, music and television; one can even make use of purchasing their weekly groceries and having them all delivered to the doorstep. Information Technology, although useful in the field of education, has also had some major drawbacks.

Students have gained a vast amount of knowledge from the internet, which if searched properly can help in the student's education. However what has happened is that 'Plagiarism' has shown an increase over time as well. Instead of utilizing time wisely, many students are known to have done nothing on their essays but copy and paste information someone else may have worked so hard to obtain to get a fair grade themselves(What is Plagiarism? , 2012)..

Plagiarism is by far not the only form of theft that takes place in information technology either. Piracy involving illegal downloading of books, audio and video files has also increased over time. Many retailers have lost revenue due to little or no sales in the market for CDC, DVD's, and book sales. But here, some of that lost revenue stems from websites that offer downloads for a lesser cost, than it would be to drive to a local retailer. The worst part in theft of information in the technological aspect is the theft of personal information.

Everything from a single credit card or bank account number to complete identities are stolen and sold on the black market and in vast quantities every day. People's lives are ruined. There is no trust in each other anymore. Worse yet, some of this stolen information might take place on a major scale. Without the proper up to date security software, TX Max had information stolen concerning numerous customer accounts. This not only created headaches for the consumer, but think how much it cost TX Max over time.

They had to spend millions of dollars to first compensate the losses; design and implement a better security program; spend money in marketing, not only convincing existing consumers, but future customers as well, this breach of security would never happen again (Essentials of Management accomplished from the comfort of your favorite chair, sofa, or lying in bed, with devices such as a laptop, wireless keyboard (using your flat-screen TV as a monitor) or your cell phone.

With the introduction of social websites, a hug is now a poke; pictures are sent via, again from the cell phone for the entire world to see and share. Writing letters and sending them to friends and relatives, also is impacting us negatively. Over-dependence on Information Technology, because of people's inactivity, can result in physical and mental health risks. Sitting at a computer desk an lead to serious health issues early in life with obesity listed as number one.

Based upon 52 independent studies, there seems to be statistically, a relationship between body fatness and TV viewing among children and adolescents, due to the increase of sedentary leisure activities. With the increased usage of information and communication technologies, so has obesity in both adolescents and children, reached a new high over recent years. "This study confirms that the global epidemic of overweight and the use of new technologies may be related phenomena: weight tutus is associated with computer and possibly cell phone use (Lacunae, H. Seeks- Reawaken, A. , Plinking, L. , Rose, R. J. , Risen, A. , & Capri, J, 2007). " Other risks might include diabetes, high blood pressure, pinched nerves, and even atrophy of the muscles for lack of exercise. Spending too much time on the internet can result in too little sleep in both adults and teens. Mental health can deteriorate, even though we think we are learning something and gaining ground. By staying awake all hours into the night and depriving ourselves of needed sleep, it makes it virtually impossible to fully function the next day.

Mentally, we can be affected also because most of the answers we search for, are given to us; again all with little to no effort, physically or mentally. "Using electronic devices before bedtime was common, with 60% on average overall watching TV, 39% using cell phones, 36% laptops or other computers, 21% phone, 8% video games, and 29% music devices. Devices meant to make life easier and more entertaining often make us sleepier, according to the latest poll by the National Sleep Foundation (Kathleen Doyen, 2011). " Having 964 friends on some social web site can only mean one thing.

We are spending so much time trying to catch up on their updates, while researching that school paper; downloading the latest music; watching our favorite TV show; all the while depriving ourselves from a real hug and kiss; nodding off at the keyboard; and perhaps sooner than later; winding up in the hospital with a blood clot in the right leg before we have reached the age of 25. Although the Information Technology has many legitimate uses, many have become inactive due to excessive time wasted in front of the computer, on the phone, or sending texts via a mobile phone; therefore we should omit the time we spend in doing these things.

Time periods should be assigned for all members of the household to eliminate health problems or mental distress. Take time off as a family and spend one or two days at the park or walking along the beach front if that is possible. If a Job's requirements are to sit all day in front of the computer screen, go outdoors during a lunch break or coffee break. Fresh air will do you good. It is nice to have opportunities to shop online, but by going out, you get fresh air; and whatever it is you wish to purchase, by being up close and personal oh get to feel, see, and possibly hear it before you buy it.

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