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Teaching Philosophy Michael Cohen Education Essay

“ Many pupils, particularly those who are hapless, intuitively know what the schools do for them. They school them to confound procedure and substance. Once these become blurred, a new logic is assumed: the more intervention there is, the better are the consequences ; or, escalation leads to success.

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The student is thereby “ schooled ” to confound learning with acquisition, grade promotion with instruction, a sheepskin with competency, and eloquence with the ability to state something new. His imaginativeness is “ schooled ” to accept service in topographic point of value. Medical intervention is mistaken for wellness attention, societal work for the betterment of community life, constabulary protection for safety, military poise for national security, the rat race for productive work. Health, acquisition, self-respect, independency, and originative enterprises are defined as little more than the public presentation of the establishments which claim to function these terminals, and their betterment is made to depend on apportioning more resources to the direction of infirmaries, schools, and other bureaus in inquiry. ” Ivan Illich Deschooling Society ( 1973: 9 )

The pupil is finally responsible for his/her ain acquisition. The professor is responsible for making an environment where acquisition can take topographic point. To this terminal the instructor provides mentoring, resources, cognition and chances for larning in a assortment of manners. These include tactile, ocular, and hearable signifiers. Furthermore, now more than of all time, the professor is a usher and wise man, person who shows pupils waies to knowledge and assist them to larn to believe critically while researching new district. The procedure of ego geographic expedition Fosters lifelong acquisition by promoting the pupil to open internal doors alternatively of presuming that there is some kind of ultimate truth that will someway be spoon fed. Tabula Rasa was ne’er true and surely non for older pupils who have occupations and households. Their life experience is valuable and needs to be shared to do content relevant.

Students learn best when they are non merely responsible for their ain acquisition but for the acquisition of others as good. Communal larning Fosters keeping. This is why doing a pupil responsible for the presentation of a lesson helps a pupil to larn. Teaching requires research, organisation, and presentation accomplishments. When pupils present they need to develop and finally pattern all of those accomplishments. There is motive to avoid embarrassment in forepart of equals. This consequences in the acquisition of a deepness of cognition that might otherwise be forgone in the hastiness to finish an assignment. Because the pupil uses a assortment of accomplishments there is natural repeat through acquisition, organisation of stuff, presentation and follow up inquiries. This repeat ensures larning and long term callback since it is presented utilizing several sensory inputs.

“ Play is the work of kids ” ( Friedrich Froebel, 1839 )

Furthermore, larning must be merriment. Play is what kids do to ease their geographic expedition of their immediate environment. Play describes our ability to larn about, internalise and pull strings our environment. This desire for drama remains with us for life. If we are to be successful instructors we must work the desire for drama, modified to the appropriate life phase, to assist our pupils learn.

To some grade, we are all kids in that we are all invariably larning. For that ground, we all need to be able to play because it is through drama that we are most originative. Play gives our pupils the freedom to pull strings thoughts and techniques in ways that no other method offers. Our learning methods need to reflect this truth and offer pupils chances to try new attacks and show new thoughts in a safe environment. Teaching methods should supply chances that recognize and cultivate the built-in desire of worlds to play and experiment.

Students need acknowledgment and blessing. In many cases these have been losing from the instruction they have experienced to day of the month. Much of the success our pupils have experienced has been external and non officially recognized. In many cases, their wonder and experimentation have met with disapproval and penalty. So it falls to us to rectify and assist pupils reconstitute their thought to accept their ain innate intelligence.

Our pupils are on their manner to going experts and governments in their chosen Fieldss because they have a passion for the work they have chosen. It falls to us to indue them with Einstein ‘s expletive. He said:

“ To penalize me for my disdain for authorization, destiny made me an authorization myself. ” Albert Einstein, 1930

Students will be the governments of the hereafter. Therefore, they need to go womb-to-tomb scholars if this is non already their mentality, non merely for their personal growing and the satisfaction of a life-time of acquisition, but to run into the changeless and rapid alteration that the following century will certainly convey. In a universe that is invariably going a more accessible and classless topographic point, our pupils must non merely develop critical thought accomplishments that make them effectual citizens, but the professional and political accomplishments that impart ability to retrain to run into new challenges and engineerings. To this terminal it is our duty to assist pupils larn to accommodate and get the accomplishments they will necessitate throughout life. This requires us to non merely present cognition, but to show it in such a manner as to demand from the pupil the work and satisfaction that will do him/her a womb-to-tomb scholar.

“ Self Actualization is the intrinsic growing of what is already in the being, or more accurately, of what the being is. ” Abraham Maslow, 1968

It is merely through self realization that existent larning takes topographic point and merely through the internalisation of larning that the ability to mentor matures and becomes accessible to others. If pupils are to go leaders, experts and governments so they must larn to do learning portion of the cloth of their being. It is our occupation to assist them detect within themselves the tools that make this possible.

Our pupils can accomplish success, illustriousness and fulfilment merely if their apprehension of engineering includes an apprehension of its ( de ) humanising impact on the universe, their possible for impacting that universe and, by extension, humanity. As module we impart that understanding in everything we do and through the techniques we use in and out of the schoolroom to edify and ease both their acquisition and our ain.