Systems Analysis and Development

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The stakeholders of the TaxBenifitPlans system are the employees of the firm and the employee who in turn desires to maintain records for them. The various techniques for getting it right is the strategy in place which makes it to even out the requirements collection formula for the firm so that they are able to capture the desired information for further processing. The second part would discuss the various methodologies of requirements gathering for the proposed system so that the firm can capitalize on their effort, time and money.

The SWOT analyses of each of the methods are discussed so that one is able to provide the best for this system. The final part would take control of the systems development and design of the proposed system which is not in the scope of this document. Stakeholders: The various stakeholders are the resources connected with the proposed system so that the system’s dependability is judged forehand to make the right decision for their inclusion is taken into account with the related factors. The various identifiable stakeholders are as follows:

Employees: As the proposed system targets the employees to record their medical claims and insurance policy records, they form the major stakeholder for the system. Employer or the Organization: The employer or the organization is the biggest stakeholder as they are taking up the initiative to produce a database for the employee medical and insurance records. Third part medical companies: The assurance and the verification can be ruled out only in case that the medical companies have a say in the verification and validation of the records.

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Third party insurance parties: The verification and the validation of the employee records needs to be done so that they are able to put in store the right information and avail tax benefits. The income tax department: The income tax department must be consulted for any laws exercised for the system to get the employee wave their taxes. The laws must be discussed so that they can be put into action in the system.

Government: The government of the country or the state must be agreed with for taking up the system as the system has external penetrations with the third party insurance and medical companies existing in the economy. System developers and planners: The human resource required to develop the system must fully understand what and how of the system so that the system stands in place for the right purpose. Others: It includes the hardware, software, licensing vendors who are directly or indirectly related for making up the system.

Improving the chances of requirements collection: The following can be attributed for the purpose: To understand the “what” and “how” of the system, to figure out “what the system is intended for” and “how can one achieve it” To understand the direct stakeholders of the system so that information can be fetched form them To determine the suitable process for getting the system requirements to save on time and costs Market research for the product, to ascertain the requirements of the product and the basis for their development. Strategy for requirements collection:

The various strategies for requirements collection must be evaluated so that the correct one falls into place. The following are the various options taken into account: Questionnaires: This form of requirements gathering is best suitable for a large number of people in a relatively short period of time and can be less biased in the interpretation of results. In the TaxBenifitPlans system, the questionnaires method would be suitable but not that effective as the interview method. It would largely save time on the vendor’s part but would generate no personal touch on each others part.

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