Systems Development Life Cycle

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Waterfall Model - each life model is completed in sequence and then the results of the phase flow on the next phase. There is no going back once a phase is completed. 1 tot Iteration across Elite Cycle M Iteration means that the work tasks are done once, then again, and yet again.

Spiral Cycle Model - Life cycle model with heavy iteration that breaks each project into smaller pieces, each a different type of risk Socio Technical Systems - Information systems that include both social and technical absolutes designed to work well together Rapid application Development (RADAR)- a variation of the system development life cycle that aims to speed up radically the development process using a variety of techniques.

Systems Development Life Cycle - A method of systems development that consists of planning, analysis, design, implementation, and support phases Project - a planned undertaking that has a beginning and an end and which produces a predetermined result or product Phase - a division of the OSDL in which similar activities are performed Phases of Systems Development Life Cycle 1. Planning phase - The initial phase of the OSDL whose objective is to scope and plan the project Four activities in the Project planning phase I.

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Define the problem it. Confirm project feasibility iii. Staff the project 'v. Launch the project 2. Analysis Phase - one phase of OSDL whose objective is to understand the user's needs and develop requirements I. Gather information Six primary activities in analysis phase it. Define system requirements iii. Build prototypes for discovery of requirements acquirement v. Generate and evaluate alternatives v'. Review recommendations with management lb. Retrieve Problem domain - the area of the user's business for which a system is being developed 3. Design Phase - the phase of the OSDL in which the system and programs are design seven major activities done during design phase I. Design and integrate the network I'. Design the application architecture iii. Design the user interfaces 'v. Design the system interfaces v. Design and integrate the database v'. Prototype for design details vii. Sign and integrate the system controls 4.

Implementation Phase - the phase of the OSDL in which new system is programmed or installed Six major activities in implementation phase I. Construct software components it. Verify and test iii. Develop prototypes for tuning 'v. Convert data v. Train and document v'. Install the system 5. Support Phase

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