Disney: SWOT Analysis

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Disney: SWOT analysis


Honk Kong Disney Theme Park has its incredibly strong brand awareness is its powerful strength. As a child I had willingly been instructed with the brand and can even recognize the distinct calligraphy associated with the brand. It has no surprise because BusinessWeek has ranked Disney as the 8th most recognizable global brand. A recognizable brand such as Disney increases consumer trust and indicates the company’s advanced and successful marketing.

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Another reason for Hong Kong Disney Theme Park strength is that they offer customers high quality products,services,and secure and safe recreation facilities.For instance,in theme park, Baby centres provide clean facilities where you can prepare formulas,warm bottles,nurse,or even change diapers. For a small fee, you can also buy some baby products at these location. You will also find changing tables in almost all of the public restrooms in the theme park.


One of Disney’s weaknesses is their limited target audience. Disney primarily targets to families with younger children. This is especially true with regards to their theme parks. The use of animated characters and a family friendly atmosphere in their global theme park does not exactly appeal to a mature audience. It can be a huge and strong weakness for disney theme park because mature audience actually accounts for a lot of percentage. The other one reason of weakness of disney is that their innovative and creative ideas are required to bring and retain customers, or that their customers are going to feel boring and uninteresting on their repetitive and invariable ideas as time goes away.It will spend a lot of time on innovating and changing and cost enormous fund on construction and restoration as well.Those are the weakness for disney theme park.


With Disney’s incredible annual revenue, they have many opportunities. One opportunity is that they can broaden their international influence. The company has already continued their efforts to be a stronger factor in the international market by the building of a theme park in China. They have also increased their brand internationally through their successful global Disney Channel. However, their global presence could increase with the building of more theme parks in areas catering to high tourist populations such as in Spain. Disney could also increase their global film departments by acquiring more foreign film production companies to make films containing content that would cater to regional cultures. This would not only help the foreign box office for domestically created films, but would broaden the Disney brand, increasing their assets.


The main threat for disney theme park is that they have a lot of strong and rivalrous competitors in the entertainment industry. As more and more amusement park are built,consumer have more selection for their playtime.People also will depend on the distance if they do not have enough time for their trip.In addition,as the occurrence of the economy depression, people take less money for entertainment in their live so that they can not afford the high consumption in disney theme park let alone the whole family. The proliferation of piracy in the entertainment industry is a significant and rapidly growing phenomenon.New technologies such as the convergence of computing,communication,and entertainment devices,the falling prices of devices incorporating such technologies,and increased broadband internet speed and penetration have made the unauthorized digital copying and distribution of films,television productions and other creative works easier and faster and enforcement of intellectual property rights more challenging.

This facilitates the creation,transmission and sharing of hight quality unauthorized copies of Disney’s content.The proliferation of unauthorized copies and piracy of these products has an adverse effect on the company’s business and profitability as these products reduce the revenue that the company could potentially receive from legitimate sale and distribution of its products and services.Thus,increasing instances of piracy will have an adverse effect on the company’s business and profitability.

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