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SWOT Analysis for Disney

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The people who helped Disney reach this height were the characters. Mackey Mouse, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Ariel, and many others are the assets of Disney and are the most humongous money generators. I think Walt Disney would be nothing without these characters therefore they form the most important strength pillar for Disney. Good Values - Disney stands for values and ethics. Disney movies are for children and young teenagers.

It's a plus point that even adults love it. However, Disney as a company has maintained the values which can be learned by hillier and these values are also the one which most adults should look for in their children, because of Disney children are learning those values. Expanding Business - Disney owns the highest money generating theme parks in the world - Disneyland. Disney also has the Disney store which is involved in merchandising of Disney's own clothing line based on their characters.

Brand Image - Walt Disney is regularly listed as one of the best global brands of all time. Disney started building its brand image by involving children in the sass's which was followed by brand extension due to the reaction of Disneyland. Disney went on leaps ahead and today it is a multi-business conglomerate but the image projected is that of a young child with dreams of his own. Some people may not like Disney products, but they can never hate Disney.

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Variety of business - Variety of business is the key strength which will keep Disney going for a long time. They are involved in entertainment, retail, media, Theme parks and all of these things currently have a high demand. Income- Disney's last fiscal year, theme park income rose 17 percent, Weaknesses to $2. 2 billion!!!! Limited target audience - Children are the biggest influencer in an adult's life. However, they are not the money drivers. Disney is limited by its abilities as it has mainly children as its target audience.

With Universal studio also on the rise, Disney needs to diversify its target and get involved with adults as well. After all, adults are the one who pay the money. Character development is slow - Today, there are very few new characters which are earning money equal to Mackey Mouse or Donald Duck. Developing more characters is a need in the market. Opportunities Well known - Disney is such a well-known business that anything that they produce is almost instantly a huge hit with the public.

Extend Disney's presence to developing countries -There are many developing countries where Disney land can make a bigger difference with its presence. Localization - Localization is the biggest threat to Disney. Many other countries are realizing the value of theme parks and businesses are investing in them. Cartoons which are inclined towards the local culture are being watched more than the global Walt Disney cartoons. Changes in values and culture causing a threat to Disney - Children nowadays world expect to hunt monsters and shoot the villains due to video games.

Thus the old values and cultures are slowly dying and changing. Although Disney has been a guiding light for many parents, the culture is slowly fading. Disney Land will still be a favorite theme park, but the company needs to reach out to the next generation. Operating cost is huge due to Human resource expenses - Disney Land requires a huge number of human resources to make it run. With the rise in operating expenses, Disney is likely to get hit in its bottom line and it needs to be prepared in this scenario.

SWOT Analysis for Disney essay

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