SWOT analysis of BRAC University

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BRAT University has got the advantage of existing brand image of BRAT.

Capital: establishing a university requires huge capital for its infrastructure development. One of the strength of BRAT University is that it has enough capital. Own campus: BRAT University started its operation whit its own campus. Very few universities were able to do it.

Weakness: Small campus: existing campus of Brat University is not enough for running its

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Operation University campus should not confine with a multistoried building.

Limited number of subject: Brat University is currently offering few subjects. Limited permanent faculty: Number of permanent faculty is limited.

Opportunities: Limited seat in Public University: Public universities fail to absorb all students who are eager for higher education. This situation has created an opportunity for leading private university like BRAT University.

Session Jot in Public University: the students of public University are suffering from session Jot.

On the other hand Brat University has been following stick academic calendar from its inception.

Income level: thought Brat University has a provision for poor fund for meritorious students the main target group is middle or higher middle class group. There is a good number of middle or higher middle class families in Dacha city and this group is growing fast. Read also Pharmasim Swot Analysis

Threats: Threats from public universities: It is true that private universities have grown up because of some limitation in public universities.

If public universities increase the student's capacity, reduce session Jot, remove student politic then it will really create problem fro Brat University. SWOT analysis of BRAT University By Rumen are performing really poorly. So this type of universities has created a bad impression on private universities. ICC Rules regulation: Any change in UGH rules regulation may create problem for BRAT university. 

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Reference: Brat university prospectus Brat University website web site UGH

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