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Website comparison

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In comparing the websites for Departure and Rubberier, the biggest difference I noticed was that one was geared more for selling their product and the other was aimed at acquiring their customers to sell for them. When viewing Rubberneck's website I noticed that it is very user friendly. If you are looking to purchase their products, there is a link for that. Inside this link is every type of solution you are looking for, from bathroom to kitchen to garage and even outside storage. It's all very accessible.

Once you click on the product you are looking for it gives you the price and allows you to buy It right then and there. They also have links for "Tips and Solutions". This gives you Ideas on how to better organize yourself and what other people have done. Now as for promotions, they do have a link but you have to first register. This is a good tactic to keep you informed on all things Rubberier. They get you to sign up to receive a coupon or special deal, but they will continue to send you emails with news of anything Rubberier has to offer. It keeps Rubberier fresh in your mind.

I think that Rubberneck's target market is the consumer and how they can best serve them. When rating Rubberier on a mouse click scale of 1 TTT, I would give them a 4. Also on a personal consumer level I would stick with that 4. They had everything you were looking for and made it easy to find the next product or promotion. It even made me want to continue shopping for things I didn't need. Overall I would say that Rubberier has done a great Job at implementing the racketing mix and trying to incorporate all of their customers' needs and wants.

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Website comparison

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It was very easy to maneuver through their site and I constantly wanted to search for more things and see what products I could use. While reviewing Departure's website, I came too much different conclusion. The site seemed more geared to getting me to sign up to be a consultant and/or host a party then to actually sell me the Departure itself. It is definitely a different approach. I was still able to look and buy their product, but it wasn't as easy. I had to mind the right catalogue and once I did that It wasn't where I could purchase their product.

Once I found the link to buy It still seemed like a cluster of products. It was barely broken down Into sections but more based on catalogue end times and sales. It was a lot easier to "Host" a party and find a consultant or even to become a consultant then to actually buy their product. They do however offer nice benefits for hosting a party. Depending on how much people would spend on your behalf would determine how much free product or discounted product you would receive.

Free always sounds like a good number. However I don't think Departure reaches as many potential consumers as they could. Besides being able to sign up to be a consultant I didn't see a place to register for new promotions or get email notifications, or if there was a place it wasn't easy to access. They are depending on new recruitment to spread the word. Even though Departure has been around for a long time, I have had very few interactions with its products.

In giving a Departure a rating for mouse clicks I would have to give it a 4 because I did try to investigate more of the company and product but my overall rating would have been Overall I think that Departure targets the entrepreneur instead of the consumer. They still implement the marketing mix approach but in a very different way than Rubberier. They want the consumer to sell the product for them and spread the product by word of mouth and in home sales, whereas Rubberier focused on conveniently selling and mostly from local stores. Departure was interesting but I think Rubberier did a better Job.

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