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Informative Essay on Strategic Management

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A firm successfully implementing a differentiation strategy would expect a) Customers to be sensitive to price increases. B) To charge premium prices. C) Customers to perceive the product as standard. D) To have high levels of power over suppliers. 20. TTS is most helpful to firms following the leadership b) integrated cost-leadership/differentiation c) focused cost-leadership d) focused differentiation business strategy. A) cost- Section B [16 marks] Short Essay Questions - Answer all questions below. 1 . Intensify, and explain briefly how five forces model of competition affect industry refit potential? . How does a value chain analysis help a firm gain competitive advantage? 3. What is/are risk(s) associated to the differentiation strategy? 4. Describe the advantages of integrating cost leadership and differentiation strategies. Section C Case Analysis [9 marks] International Cow Packers (ICP) is a $12 billion meat processor (slaughter, processing, and packing). Founded in 1943, ICP has grown to become the largest beef and lamb processor in the United States (revenues come 90% from beef and 10% from lamb) and also has a growing export market to Japan.

The company follows a focused cost- dervish strategy, delivering USDA-graded meats primarily to the institutional (schools, prisons, hospitals) and supermarket channels. Sips entire value chain is organized to deliver volume product at the industry lowest per-unit cost. Its supplier industries, primarily cattle feedlots, have relatively little power since prices for these raw materials are determined in the commodity markets. While entry barriers to the industry are high due to high minimum start-up costs, industry rivalry is extremely intense - primarily due to the fact that three large companies (including

ICP) control 80% of the market for processed meats. The threat of substitutes is high with an increasing trend for consumers to favor poultry and other non-beef proteins. Buyers are also powerful since supermarkets are relatively concentrated at a regional level and end-consumers have ample choices. 1 . Refer to Case Scenario is ICP;s focused low-cost strategy appropriate for its industry? Why? 2. What risks is ICP accepting by adopting its focused low-cost strategy? 3. What can ICP do to decouple itself from the ups and downs of the pure commodity markets? What specific actions might ICP undertake?

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Informative Essay on Strategic Management essay

Haven’t found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with Informative Essay on Strategic Management

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