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Informative Essay on Classroom Management Plan

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I believe Classroom Management is the key component in any educational setting. I believe that if students are in a safe environment, then learning can take place. This doesn’t necessarily mean punishing behavior problems but rather a combination of setting the tone in a class, preventing behavior problems with interesting and engaging curriculums and effectively including all students in the classroom so that their needs are met. Having the right environment for all students to learn is my major goal of implementing good classroom management--without it the students would not be able to learn.

Outside of their parents, the teacher is the next adult figure with the most influence in their lives. I must take every student under my wing and guide them through the year. In order to do that, the environment of the classroom I create will comprise of me taking a sincere interest in students and see them as unique individuals. I will be notice if they play any sports, or participate in any clubs and connect with them at that level. I will also build lasting relationships that inspire and encourage students to be confident with whom they are.

Every single student in my classroom will be recognized for the diversity they bring to the community and I will never allow them to think they are less significant than someone else. I want a community classroom that is structured with independence, encouragement, an open-mind, and student cooperation. Cooperation and communication are vital in establishing a classroom because it considerably limits negative situations. As a teacher, I will set guidelines the classroom.

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In addition to establishing guidelines, I also believe it is important to know my students as individuals. Getting to know them, listening about their interests, attending their award ceremonies, this establishes a mutual respect and trust that transcends into the classroom. When my students view me as a teacher who has a vested interest in them, they are less likely to display negative behaviors in the classroom. As a teacher I believe that it is my responsibility to provide each student with the optimal learning environment in which to thrive academically.

Establishing and maintaining a positive classroom climate based on mutual respect and responsibility not only fosters academic growth, but also provides a foundation for minimizing negative behaviors. By creating this environment, serious discipline issues, as well as minor issues, are often prevented, allowing growth to be the primary focus, not discipline. The first step is to ensure that children understand what is expected of them. Teachers should model expectations. For example, when children are treated with fairness and respect, they will react in kind.

Therefore adults in the classroom must model a positive, caring attitude. Because children learn differently, it is important to employ various strategies for helping a child learn how to appropriately behave in the classroom. Philosophical Statement In order for me to succeed as their teacher, I must be consistent and reliable. Students can expect me to treat them the way I want to be treated. I have learned it is important to hold myself to high standards and I hope my students will return the favor.

Responsibility, respect, honor, and equality are four specific qualities I value and I anticipate my students will see me display these traits and model after them. I want nothing more and expect nothing less than to see young minds grow and mature into exceptional individuals who succeed in and out of the classroom. In addition to a structured environment, children also need a caring environment in which they feel safe to make mistakes and to learn. Though I believe that the classroom is a serious place for learning, there are also many opportunities for play and for silliness.

I want my students to feel comfortable in the classroom, and to know that I am always approachable. Bringing in songs and costumes and participating in activities with my students will allow them to see that I not only care about their learning, but I also care about enjoying time with them. My assumptions about young people are that their peers and the media pull them in many directions. When I look around, I see so many advertisements, TV shows, shopping stores, and people trying to get the attention of our children.

They flash pretty pictures and sound off hip music to draw our children in, and convince them that they need to be cool by either buying something or having something in their possession. The young people today also seem to be more mature than in the past, but this maturity also brings about much confusion and anxiety. Young people are looking for a safe haven and refuge from the many mixed messages that are being sent to them. For many young people, their home environments are unstable, which leads to more confusion.

Informative Essay on Classroom Management Plan essay

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