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Last Updated: 28 Jan 2021
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Automatic vs. stick shiftbuying a new car might be a great experience. The question is which one is better, automatic or stick shift? It all depends in what you would prefer and what do you expect from the car. Saving gas, safety and fun are three important reasons to think before making a decision. It’s important that you know your needs are when deciding what type of transmission to get. Do you want a compact car or a larger vehicle? Do you have experience with a stick shift transmission?

Will you be driving long distance, road trips, or driving in the city? Do you want to do your own repairs? Why are automatic cars so popular? Since most people drive in the city or in stop and go traffic, automatic cars are more convenient. Even though automatic cars are more expensive and tend to wear down faster. Cars with automatic transmission are a great way to drive around. They do not require much driving skills than stick shift cars. Automatic cars are made comfortable way of driving especially driving in heavy traffic.

People who don’t like to drive usually choose an automatic transmission. Automatic transmission require a lot of attention to the engine and keeping up with all of the services such as oil changes, brakes, filters and transmission fluids. Automatic transmission are improving their standards and slowly catching up with to become more fuel efficient. However in some cases vehicles can still be as much as 10% increase in fuel use for an automatic transmission! Overdrive gears can help this problem also.

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Automatic shifts are not as fun as a stick shift because there not as challenging. On the other hand stick shift transmission saves you hundreds of dollars. Stick shifts are easier to repair and you may be able to do small repairs on your own. Stick shift transmissions have better gas mileage, they also have smaller engines, but they have a lot of power. For example racecar drivers prefer stick shift transmission because it allows them to take control and also the stick shift has more power.

Race car drivers use stick shift to take driving to a higher standard. Even though stick shift saves you more money and gives you better gas mileage, if you stayed in the city like New York having a stick shift wouldn’t be your choice. Stick shifts are good for driving over a long stretches are good for road trips, driving in the city with a stick shift causes wear and tear on your clutch. Which sometimes can very expensive to fix, most people say that is just too much work to keep switching gears when you are in stop and go raffic, if you have experience driving a stick shift your transmission can last a lot longer than an automatic transmission. If you are looking for a larger vehicle or an SUV it would be hard to find stick shift switching gears to reduce speed also can save you on break repairs, stick shift transmission require you to be more active with your car and it allows you to pay attention when there is something wrong with your car because you’re not in control, so it’s hard for you to pay attention when there is something wrong with your car.

How you feel in the car as well as you can handle the car. For a passive driver who is interested in learning how to coordinate the clutch then stick shift has a better handling for you. Stick shift has a lot of different gears and speed which require a stronger set of hands to control the wheel while driving. The automatic has normal handling on the wheel even when going at a faster speed an automatic can drive itself without the need to shift from one gear to another no matter how fast you go.

The stick shift transmission requires you to learn to shift between one to five different gears. The transmissions are built differently when comparing an automatic to a stick shift transmission. With a stick shift you have to switch gears while you’re driving. The difference between an automatic or stick shift transmission, both come with different prices. When you are putting on an automatic transmission can range from a few hundred dollars cheaper than a stick shift transmission. Stick shift transmission is preferred for traditional racing.

Where quick gear changes are required to exit turns quickly. Automatic transmission could not keep up with a skilled driver using a stick shift automatic transmission are preferred amongst the common drivers because of its ease of use a manual transmission requires coordination between the clutch throttle, and shifting of gears to provide a smooth ride and not damage the transmission. This decision is yours it’s your personal preference on what kind of transmission you would want to drive daily.

I prefer driving an automatic car because it is much easier and comfortable for me. I live in a small town and I drive long distance to work and automatic always have been my favorite. I never wanted to learn how to drive a stick shift car even though it saves more on gas. I like to be able to relax when I drive. A stick shift requires too much, you have to switch gears constantly and it’s difficult in lots of traffic. Automatic vs. stick shift it’s your decision cars are made for driving. The choice is yours.

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