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In today’s present era of the technology was evolved more household choirs was converted to a modern ways. It was a long time ago that the people use a lot of efforts and dedication for their works even there’s a way to lessen their task every day.

Automated Clothesline gives more opportunities the client or the user to give a convenience on their daily tasks. In this case study, I intend to conduct an intensive research that would help the people and let them in modern technology. In today’s present era of technology, the mobile sector has seen some of the biggest and most amazing breakthroughs in the technology industry in the last few decades. It was not long ago that the notion of having a handheld device to communicate with others and access data on the go was the whim of sci-fi fans.

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The arrival of smartphones ushered in a new era of intelligent innovation and unparalleled connectivity. Mobile code division multiple access (CDMA) technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Since the start of this millennium, a standard mobile device has gone from being no more than a simple two-way pager to being a mobile phone, GPS navigation device, an embedded web browser and instant messaging client, and a handheld game console. Many experts argue that the future of computer technology rests in mobile computing with wireless networking (3G and 4G Networking).

In this case study, I intend to conduct an intensive research that would hint the advantages of 3G and 4G networking in terms of mobile technology issue so that I would immensely study about “Mobile technology” is the technology used for cellular communication. Mobile computing by way of tablet computers, cell phone is becoming more popular. Mobile technology is available on the 3G and 4G networks. Statement of the Problem General Problem: How does the mobile technology dominant and useful to operate the 3G and 4G Networks. Specific Problem: . How may mobile technology effectiveness be identified as:

  1. Portability to use in different places.
  2. Computer like abilities to store and retrieve files.
  3. Capability to access in internet.
  4. Price flexibility.
  5. Very useful apps for day to day routine.

 What gigantic features 3G and 4G networks can provide to be dominant as:

  1. Wide variety of voice and data services.
  2. Operate on a core IP (Internet Protocol) network
  3. Ability to support mobile rates of 100 Mbps, and fixed rates of 1Gbps.
  4. High-speed packet transmissions or burst traffic in the channels. 3. 10 Advancement of communication devices such (voice, text and video messaging).
  5. Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing applications Significance of the Study The importance of studying the 3G and 4G networking in mobile technology is how it promises to change the way users interact with resources and applications, moving services away from desktop and laptop computers and how would it be more suitable for the user in the coming year.

Scope and Limitation

The purpose of the study is essentially in the development of the mobile technology and its 3G and 4G Networks. The same codes used in the 2G-3G networks will be applied to future 4G mobile or wireless networks, the detection of very short bursts will be a serious problem due to their very poor partial correlation properties. Recent study has indicated that traditional multi-layer network architecture based on the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model may not be well suited for 4G mobile network, where transactions of short packets will be the major part of the traffic in the channels.

As the packets from different mobiles carry completely different channel characteristics, the receiver should execute all necessary algorithms, such as channel estimation, interactions with all upper layers and so on, within a very short time to make the detections of each packet flawless and even to reduce the clutter of traffic. Method of the Study The respondent of the study will include programmer, developer, market analyst, mobile store owner, and mobile users. The study will be conducted from January to march 2013.

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