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Stay In Tour Comfort Zone

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Breaking a pattern, trying different things, endangering yourself,or putting yourself into a scenario that is completely new to you, won’t be easy at all but will be worthy of the time and energy you are putting into. It can sometimes feel you tiring but surely it will be satisfying. Right now you’re only stuck because you are in your comfort zone. Being in a comfort zone is a beautiful thing, so comfortable with old things, nothing new to put much effort on, but eventually, you will not grow there. You can either be comfortable and calm or become uncomfortable and grow. Learning to be comfortable with discomfort is very important to flourish in your life. Comfort zone only makes you narcissistic and mundane.

To attain a good life, you will have to fall in love with being discomfort. You need to break through the limitation to dull the comfort of staying calm. You have to let your fear go away more deeply than ever before. By breaking off this limitation you will allow yourself to do something that you have never done before; something new, something different that brings out the best in you. Something that is beyond your reach. When an opportunity comes in, you should take this as a challenge, just take it and don’t let it go. If you don’t do it or linger it, you will be stopping yourself from achieving things that you deserve and you are capable of. As human beings, we avoid things that cause pain to us and look for things that give us pleasure. If it feels uncomfortable then you are doing it right, one day you will achieve dignity out of it.

When starting something new, you may find a hitch in starting it but at some point, you may find it facile. Before even starting it, You start thinking of the final outcome of the process. This may even demotivate you to even start with something, as you already found a block in your path, and you will be nervous to start with it. Life in a comfort zone is magic, obviously, it is, but the life that begins outside your comfort zone is even more fascinating. This will bring out the most desirable things that you will ever get. Breaking your own bubble can make you positive and self-assured to become prominent. When you are not taking care of yourself in meaningful ways, like keeping up to essential needs, such as doing productive things, not having enough sleep, not keeping yourself fit, not having a proper diet, then life demands a new version of you to show up, one who is clear and confident about their things regardless of what they are now.

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There is a quote that says, “ Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits.” So challenge yourself every time making it uneasy by pushing yourself to learn things that are not naturally into you. Most of the things seem impossible until they are done. Until and unless you won’t start the journey you won’t know how this journey would be. Dont fear of starting new things, take it as your challenge and go for it. Allow yourself to believe and perform apart from your everyday routine. Be good at making time for what matters to you the most, – especially when you don’t feel like doing it.

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