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Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

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Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone Communications break boundaries and bring connections between people. In “Some Friends and I Started Talking: Conversation and Social Change,” Margaret J. Wheatley describes communication as “a timeless and reliable way for humans to think together” (312). As human, communication is an essential need for everyday survival. It also brings people closer as they have a better understanding of each other through communication.

For many cases, it takes people a lot of courage to step out of their own comfort zone and start conversations with others. When I came to the United States, the language barrier was keeping me from communicating with everyone around me. I barely spoke any English at the time. I would avoid talking to everybody. In class, I would sit by myself, putting my head down during lectures and avoid to be called on. But being so quite didn’t mean I was invisible to the bullies. During 8h grade, I was bullied by a group of Hipic boys.

They would throw my books into trashcans, made fun of my accent and pushed me as I walk through hallways. I was so afraid to come to school. My grades were dropping as the semester went by. I knew I needed to talk to somebody about it. Stepped out of my comfort zone, I seek my counselor Jane for help. Our conversation lasted for about two hours, but it changed my life completely. Wheatley mentions, “a simple conversation gave birth to actions that can change lives,”(312) in her essay.

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I soon found myself confronting the bullies and stopped them from bullying other people that were just like me. My grades also improved as my social life improved. This proves how communication is a “powerful tool in society” (Wheatley 313). Communication opens up new points of views and changes life for those who take courage and effort to begin a conversation. “We are hungry for a chance to talk. People want to tell their stories and willing to listen to yours”(Wheatley 312). Communication is also the key to friendship and relationships.

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone essay

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