Why Is Spending Time with Family and Friends Important

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Can you imagine your life without your family or your friends? Well, whether you agree or disagree, human beings instinctively tend to socialize with others. However, who would you spend more time with, is it your family or your friends? As we know we can’t live without either our families or our friends because they represent a huge part of our lives. In this essay we will compare and contrast between spending time with family and spending time with friends in terms of attitude, places and discussions.

No one can deny that attitudes differ between spending time with family and spending time with friends. When we spend time with our families we tend to be intimate, gentle and responsible. Even our behavior is appropriate and our acts are limited. For instance, when we go out with our family to a movie or to a dinner, we won't be able to act foolish and we will be restrained from doing exciting stuff; as our actions will be judged by our family members.

But when we hang out with our friends we feel less intimate, more crazy, and liberated , also our behavior becomes frizzy and we act our ages or even younger . For example, with our friends we can tell funny jokes to each other, knowing that none of them will be insulted or degraded because friends tend not to take things seriously. So that’s how our attitude differs. The places we hang out with family and friends are also different.

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The places where you head to with your family are calm, and not crowded, such as beaches, parks, family restaurants and family resorts. The places that we go to with our family to spend some quality time together. On the other hand the places where we go to with our friends are more crowded and full of life like; movie theatres, shopping malls and night clubs. With friends we go to places that allow us to have fun and enjoy our time as much as possible. That's how the places that we go with our family and friends are different.

Another difference is that the topics that you discuss with our family and the ones that we discuss with our friends are dissimilar. For instance, with your family you talk about what happened with you when you were in a particular place on a particular day. Also, you discuss more mature topics that benefit you like; how to manage time, which university to apply for, how to invest your pocket money and open an account in the bank so that you can use it in emergencies, how to solve complicated problems and many other things that are beneficial for you.

By contrast, with your friends you discuss topics that you have common interest in, such as; fashion, movies, study, work, simple problems and other things that may be immature and non beneficial for you. And that’s how the discussions contrast among family and friends. Finally, our attitude differs from being with our families than being with our friends similarly with the places that we visit or the topics that we discuss. However, it’s the undeniable fact that we can never live without our families or our friends.

A Picnic with Family Essay

Picnic with family is among the most relaxing getaways to enjoy during weekends or vacations. Be it in a park or a camp near the water body, a farm or a mountain slope, picnicking is always fun with family as you get to spend quality time with them.

Apart from being a leisure activity, picnics also serve the purpose of strengthening bonds between family members. When you enjoy with your loved ones keeping all your schedules aside, you rejuvenate your emotional bond with them and reaffirm your faith and trust. Picnic could mend broken hearts and repair what is lost in hustle bustle of city life.

Long and Short Essay on a Picnic with Family in English

Below you will find some short and long essay on a picnic with family of varying lengths.

Each of the Picnic with Family essay have different words count varying from 200 to 600 and hence, will be helpful for your examinations and school/college assignments.

It will also let you deeply understand the importance of sharing time together with family and friends.

A picnic with family essay also varies in their themes, so you can choose according to your requirement:

Short Essay on a Picnic with Family – Essay 1 (200 words)


In order to escape from the hustle and bustle of the routine life, a retreat is a must. What can be more enjoyable than a picnic time with family with whom we do not get to spend enough time? A picnic not only freshens up the mind, but also helps us to explore new places and enjoy food with our family.

The Picnic – How It Was

We chose the community park of our locality that is situated right beside the limpid brook. The park had a children’s play area where the kids of our family played on slides, swings and other play equipments.

We carried our lunch to the park and decided to have it at the separate picnic area, which we had reserved for that day. After lunch, we sat near the brook, fed the ducks and squirrels and took a walk along the trail. The sunset seen above the brook during twilight was magical and we returned before it was dark.


It was a day well spent with all the members of the family and with this we had a great opportunity to breathe in the fresh air. Escaping the daily routine for a day and being in nature’s lap is definitely important in life.

Essay on a Picnic that I Enjoyed with my Family – Essay 2 (300 words)


In the strain of the work load and juggling between multiple chores, having a family picnic was like an alienated topic to me. All I wanted to have was a relaxing getaway with my family at some place off the beaten path where the city commotions will not be deafening and the air will be pure. Finding such a place was not much of a problem as living in countryside comes up with many pristine places which are yet to be explored.

The Long-Awaited Picnic

It was during the weekend of Christmas and we decided to utilize the vacation fully on the outskirts at a nature park. As most people generally gathered at the urban areas to take the full essence of Christmas, the nature park was less crowded and it gave us the opportunity to reserve a campsite to stay overnight and have picnic.

Surrounded by towering Pine grove, the picnic area was serene with only the chirping of the birds penetrating the silence. The murmuring cascade nearby added to the charm of the forest and we made sure to take a dip into the pool formed beneath the waterfall. The hike to the falls was easy for all the members of family and especially my little nephew was overwhelmed.

Appetite soon hit us after taking a refreshing swim and thanks to my mother, we filled our tummies with delicious sandwiches. Meanwhile my brother was busy barbecuing the chicken with his wife and with it, our lunch was sumptuous.

In the evening, we had bonfire at the picnic site and under the starlit sky, the picnic concluded as we entered our respective camps.


Far from the city crowd, a picnic with family was something all of us longed for to explore the other side of life. A small rustic campsite with grille and picnic facility made our time enjoyable and the added bonanza was the refreshing plunge into the pool.

Essay on Outing with My Family – Essay 3 (400 words)


While sunny days are the most convenient for outing, monsoon showers have their own charm and enjoying rain on a family outing has long been on my bucket-list. Being an avid hiker and photographer, the passion for exploring new places run through my genes, just as my father and mother. My sister who lives in another city had come to our place for her vacations and it was a perfect setup to plan an outing which would rejuvenate our mind and let us enjoy the magic of rains to the fullest.

Outing on the Blue Mountains

The Neelakurinji flower that blooms after a cycle of twelve years was the main attraction behind choosing the Blue Mountains or Western Ghats for the family outing. A long drive along the winding paths of Kodaikanal was a treat in itself and all the members of the family enjoyed watching the rain soaked tender green plantation along the road.

The carpet of the purple Neelakurinji along the hill slopes flashed in front of our eyes as we reached the picnic spot. After freshening up at the restroom of the picnic area, we set out to explore the forests passing through which we would reach the slopes of the Neelakurinji flower meadows. Rain had subdued by then and a magical mist emerged from the top of the mountains.

The soil was wet but there was no clogging of water, which made hiking through the grassland easy for us. The number of flowers gradually increased and finally we were standing in a purple flower laden meadow where soil could not be seen beneath.

We spent quality time taking pictures of this rare flower before hiking back to the picnic area. The caretaker of the picnic spot greeted us with fuming coffee sourced from the nearby coffee plantation along with crunchy vegetable chops. The lunch comprised of Fried Rice, Chilly Chicken and fried vegetables which is grown at the farm nearby.

We spent some more hours watching the rain in the mountains while having the fruit custard prepared by the caretaker’s wife. The couple also talked with us regarding his farms and the picnic spot which gets filled with tourists during public holidays. Biding adieu and promising to return someday, we were homebound.


A break from the monotony of life not only infused a sense of tranquility in our mind, but also helped each of us spend quality time with each other, something we do not get scope of in the routine schedules. The Western Ghat outing was a lifetime experience with the Neelakurinjis.

Essay on A Picnic with My Family and Relatives – Essay 4 (500 words)


The series of examinations made my brain tired of long hours of study and I badly needed a time out with my family. As for my family, they too had not been gone for any outing for the past few years and hence, after the last exam, I decided to call up my aged uncle who lives in another city and ask him to come over with his family. It was time for a family picnic where parents and kids could meet for a reunion and spend a day happily.

Deciding the Place

While my little nephew and niece jumped for the waterpark, my cousin called for the city memorial park and the elders wanted to go to the riverside picnic spot. Finally I and my sister-in-law suggested the countryside farm where my cousin could enjoy photography, kids could interact with farm animals and parents could explore the farm. Everyone jumped in unison and I called the farm owner to confirm our picnic visit the day after.

The Journey

Waking up early and getting ready for the picnic outing, we finally set out in our car. The owner had verified our visit that day and also prescribed the route to be taken to reach his farm. My Mother and aunt had packed breakfast for us which were finished in no time. From the well paved city highway, we took the sideway path that led us to the outskirts where the farm is situated. The pasture fields on both sides of the road and the country cottages kept us charmed till we reached the farm.

The Farm and the Picnic

The cheerful old owner was standing in front of the gate to greet us and his friendliness immediately made all of us comfortable. He escorted us to the rustic cottage where the brick fireplace made us feel cozy. We were served homemade cakes and breads before he took us to the petting farm.

My nephew and niece were screaming in joy seeing the large cocks and hens, rabbits, cows, buffalos, ponies and horses roaming about freely. The owner also gave us grains to feed the birds and grass to feed the animals. The best part however was the pony rides, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

My uncle and father remained with the kids and animals while my mother and aunt were busy in the barn kitchen preparing the lunch. Meanwhile I, my cousin and sister-in-law accompanied the owner, had a look at his vast farm where he grew sunflowers, grapes, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes and radishes.

As it was the harvest time, he let us pick the vegetables and grapes to bring back home as well as use for lunch specials with eggs and meat dishes obtained from the farm only. After having a scrumptious lunch together on the large table, all of us decided to interact with the owner, take a walk around the farm and fondle the animals, before setting out for home with a relaxed and stress free mind.


Although meeting the relatives regularly is not possible, thanks to our tight schedules but a quick plan for picnic brought all of us together to have endless chitchats, have food together and visit a new place together. The day ended with a heavy heart but the memory will remain forever.

Essay on Picnic in the Park with Family – My Best Experience – Essay 5 (600 words)


It was during the scorching summer months of the year and summer vacations were going on. With daily office, school and college, neither my father nor I and my sister could plan for a family picnic. The temperature was increasing day by day and my mother suggested that we all should go for a family picnic at the city waterpark. Nothing could be more refreshing than splashing water for the whole day and relaxing on hammocks under shades of trees.

The Picnic Spot

To avoid the weekend crowds, my father planned the picnic on a weekday. The waterpark had lazy rivers, swimming pools, water slides and splash pads. It also had an amusement center where thrill rides enchanted me. The highlight was a separate picnic area tucked in the garden where mango, banyan, palm and eucalyptus trees provided ample shade. We reserved a poolside cabana and the picnic gazebo overlooking the lazy river right under the shade of the mango tree.

How We Spent the Day

While my mother, my sister and I arranged spare clothes and towels along with some dry food, father finalized the route and picking up time with the car driver. We set out at 8 am and reached the waterpark at 9.30 am. My father took the tickets while I bought the refreshments before entering.

After entering, we put our belongings in the lockers and freshened up at the restroom while my mother made sure we have the stomach-full of breakfast with Bread and Butter, Noodles and Egg Benedicts. Afterwards we decided to check out the play area where kids were riding slides and rocking on swings. Swans were roaming about whom we fed bread crumbs. We then explored the garden area where many annual, perennial and ornamental plants were planted in separate areas. Mother, being an avid gardening enthusiast, was thoroughly delighted to see the rose beds and cactus at the greenhouse.

The temperature was increasing and so we decided to take a dip into the large pool area. Being a weekday, there was not much crowd and we had so much fun splashing water onto each other and jumping at the splash pad area. My parents were a bit hesitant in entering the pool, but we dragged them anyway. As father rented tubes for me and my sister, we decided to take a leisurely float on tubes on the lazy river before having large pepperoni pizzas and fried chicken for lunch from the picnic gazebo.

The main attraction however was the water slides and tunnels which dropped at the main pool. As they were costly, we opted for only one and it was worth it. After some more soaking in the pool, we entered the cabana and change into new clothes. The cold beverages served here, were very refreshing. Next we visited the amusement park to ride the Roller Coaster and Sky Wheel which made our hearts beat faster in delight. I and mother had ice creams while my sister took the candy floss and father took the roasted groundnuts from the concession carousel.

It was late afternoon by then and the sun was not so scorching. As we were tired after so much action, we decided to sit back at the cabana and enjoy watching others in the pools. We were served cold coffee before we started for home at 5 pm.


With a perfect combination of greenery, water slides, pools and amusement rides, our picnic at the city waterpark was full of fun even when the sun beat down upon us mercilessly. The cool water of the pool area was soothing in the sweltering heat and we had the best picnic experience under the mango grove.


Family History: Remember Who You Are

Family history is very significant to remember. By knowing where you come from, you can have a perception of your family. Interrogating our family members is the best way to have a clear perception of our family. It allows us to acknowledge our family history. After obtaining knowledge about our family it helps us in influencing ourselves. Hence, our roots and origin is one of the most important things to familiarize ourselves with.

Trying to search out about our family history is a best way to learn something and flourish from it. Right or wrong, one thing is sure : we cannot change the past. one famous writer said well “ in all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage- to know who we are and where we come from. without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still vacuum, an emptiness, and the most loneliness.” – Alex Haley (the roots,august 17 1976 ). This quote illustrates that our family origins and family history are very crucial. Sometimes, our family history may have a impact on us.

I feel very privileged to have such a great family background and such a great surname “ PATEL “. The surname PATEL, is an Indian origin which is very common among people of Indian descent. which means a leader or chief, there are a number of variations for Patel’s as well.it comes from the Guajarati language, an Indo-European language spoken in the western Indian state of Gujarat. The Hindu name originally translated as “headman” or “village chief”. it can also mean “farmer” from Guajarati word pat or patlikh, for the owner / tenant of a piece of land. patel can also be a nickname meaning “ little head.” it seems from the word “pate”(head) and “el” (little).(by- Cottle B Penguin dictionary of surnames.baltimore,1967). Since, than Patel’s have built a great legacy in India and also in parts of worlds like USA, Canada, Europe, and Africa

So, I interviewed my father and my grandfather. My father’s side of family came from VADODARA,Gujarat India ( west of India ). there are 7 people they are grand-parents, aunts and my uncles. My father is from Gujarat and my great – great – grandfather his name is Fula Bhai haji Bhai patel, lived there as well. Because, at time they ran a huge business of production of tobacco and marketing it to different states of India.

Simultaneously, as they owned a huge area of land about 120 acres of land, so they also cultivated many crops around the year like cotton in summers, drumsticks in winters and they shipped and marketed these products all over India. And, due to such large business he had good relations with the Maharaja (king ) of the city THE MAHARAJA SAYAJIRAO GAEKWAD. And further this huge business was descended to my grand father and his two brothers. They, also took over the business and with they hard work and dedication they were able to grow the business. further, as my father also had an interest in business and marketing he too joined the family business. And now is managing it with the help of my uncle and guidance of my grandfather.

I only know very little about my mother’s side of history. My grand parents had 3 daughters and one son. my mother met my father in Vadodara city. In 1993, they had their first son my elder brother and in 1996, is an important year to me because I was born in that year. My family was very happy because my family only had one daughter.

I feel very lucky, I was born and brought up in the same city my great-great grandfather and father were born and brought up too. Since, then we are living in Vadodara, and in 2017 my father made a decision to send me and my elder brother to Canada for further studies. In 2017 we moved to Canada and started a new life. I think moving to Canada is a new literary portion of my family history. Hoping to maintain the reputation and integrity in Canada too.

And, on further analysis and searching, I found that most of the people of my culture i.e. eastern are dark in complexation it is due to the geographical location on earth, as it has high temperatures, moreover also many people in India have agriculture as their source of income and due to which they are more expose to sunlight. And further on many people of my culture (i.e Hindu ) are vegetarian and hence, many of us lack the vital vitamin B12.

Hence, to summarize it all it is very crucial and informative to know the roots of one’s origin. It helps us in staying connected to our ancestors, and also helps us in staying focused and also makes one responsible to carry further the legacy started by our ancestors.

Hence, to conclude investigating my family history in detail enlightened me with many new facts about my family background the hard work my grandfathers and great-great grandfathers did in order to built the wealth and respect they earned for us. And similarly I also hope I do the same hard work and show entire dedication to maintain this spectacular and marvelous family history ahead in Canada.

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