Ricketier’s Bravery and Kindness in Protecting His Family and Friends

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When Ricketier hears Nag and Angina plotting to harm his family, he immediately begins to think of a way to help out, "Now, if kill him here, Nag an will know; and if I fight him on the open floor, the odds are in his favor. " (Para 54) . This proves bravery because Ricketier is thinking about the wellbeing of his family before he's thinking about his wellbeing and the consequences. Courage is demonstrate dated here because it shows even though that most individuals may think of a moon goose as a small creature, Ricketier demolishes that idea by being brave when it matter the most.

While Ricketier is talking with Nag, a slight wave of anger washes over h "Well," said Ricketier, and his tail began to fluff up again, "marks or no marks, do you think it is right for you to eat fledglings out of a nest? " (Para 25). Ricketier stop d up for a friend even though he was unsure about what might happen next. Ricketier w as kind enough to help out somebody he didn't know well. If Ricketier decided to go o n the "renouncement" path, then he wouldn't have been as willing to step up. These w re just a few examples Of Ricketier showing daring and friendly behavior.

In the story, Angina IS determined and protective. In paragraph 88, Angina states that she wants to bite Teddy and his family to get rid of Ricketier. She made a plan and stuck to it. This acknowledges the fact that Angina didn't let her fee r of Ricketier stop her from doing what she wanted to do. Even though people HTH ink of snakes as tough creatures, they do get scared sometimes. The fact that Nag an didn't let fear stop her proves that the size of a person doesn't indicate the size of the argue. Angina is similar to Rollicking because Ricketier kept on trying until reached his goal.

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As Ricketier tells Angina that he has possession of one of h ere eggs she "spun clear round, forgetting everything for the sake of the one egg," (par a 95). The character trait, protectiveness, is shown because Angina was willing to Stop important task to save her family. She was brave enough to turn her back in a dangerous situation and was willing to risk herself to save one of her eggs. Risk kiting has a similarity to Angina because he saved his family multiple times even w en it meant danger for him.

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