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Younger Generation Spending More Time Indoors

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Children today seem to spend far too long inside with computer games, watching TV and videos. This is definitely bad in some ways because children should develop outdoor pursuits such as football, cricket and basketball that would make them healthy now and in their later lives. If they don? t learn to play sports when they? re young, it is unlikely that they will develop these healthy habits later in life and the results can be seen today in the higher levels of obesity and related illnesses such as diabetes.

When I was young I had only sports to keep me occupied and I am grateful now that I still love and play the sports of my youth. On the other hand the world today is dominated by computers and electronics so it? s important that children learn to like and understand computers and technology early in life. The older generation didn? t have the opportunity to have this electronic entertainment and so don? t understand the attraction.

In conclusion I would certainly agree that it is bad and unhealthy for children to spend all their time indoors with electronic entertainment. I don? t think all children are too dependent on electronic entertainment but too many definitely are. We cannot expect though that children will totally ignore today? s technologies and it is important that they grow up with awareness and understanding of these things that will dominate their later lives. I believe it is up to parents to guide and encourage a reasonable mixture of both indoor and outdoor pursuits.

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Younger Generation Spending More Time Indoors essay

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