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The way we absorbed ourselves into the world, we put our powers of mind and soul In getting stuff and spending money. These powers are not satisfying - It Is just a waste. Nature is not Just a bunch of trees and water, but nature is the wilderness and the places where a human can go and replenish but we think nature Is not ours and find ourselves not in touch with It. Our hearts, the center of our emotional life, we have given away instead of holding, treasuring and being connected with nature.

We should not be giving away our hearts as It Is not good Idea. The sea Is personified as a woman as she opens her chest to the moon, showing the relationship between the two of them. The winds have been gathered to somewhere and they are sleeping like flowers lay out. We are mammals the beauty of nature, the delights of the sea and the winds with Its up gathered flowers. The nature, the sea and the wind don't touch us. I'd rather be a non-charlatans and raised as a child In a religion that is worn out.

If I were from one of those religions, I might look out and have glimpses of something that will make me less sad, that would give me some joy. I imagine that if I were born in those religions of the past, I would see the ocean as divine, a place where I might encounter God and as a piece of God. I would look out to the sea and it would not just be a bunch of water lying there, I would also see God and other gods. It is not only the ocean that would be sacred, meaningful and important but also the nature around us.

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