Some People Think That Students Benefit

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Some people think that students benefit from going to private secondary schools. Do you agree or disagree? Parents are always making all efforts sending their children to good schools and private secondary schools always can provide better education. Many people argue that studying in private middle school brings a lot of benefits to students. Others, on the other hand, claim that several problems may emerge if children going to private schools when they are in their adolescence.

Before rendering my opinion, I think it is important to take a glance at the arguments on both sides. Some people strongly believe that it may arouse some problems both to parents and their children. For one thing, the tuition fees in private schools which belong to some individuals are higher than those of public schools which receive financial support from the government. It is a big financial burden to some families, especially those ordinary families with more than two children.

Next, there are a large number of students who are from the royal family or family with big fortune and power choose to go to private schools. They have a sense of superiority over others, so other fellow students may have difficulties making friends with them. More important, potential discrimination may do harm to children’s mental health. Furthermore, too many expectations given by their parents may lay too much stress on their children and as a consequence result in fierce peer competition.

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However, there are also some others who contend that private secondary schools have more merits than drawbacks. First and foremost, teachers are mostly of high academic quality and schools are furnished with sufficient and sound teaching facilities. Thus students can acquire knowledge in a pleasant environment. Moreover, small classes are usually adopted in private school which is more effective and guarantees students with more face to face communication chances. Thirdly, some special courses such as manners, tea ceremony and financial management are available in private schools.

As part of extracurricular courses, it plays a positive role in students’ knowledge enrichment and temperament cultivation. To sum up, we cannot deny that both sides are well-grounded. In my opinion, if money permitting, it is much better to receive secondary education in private school. There are sufficient equipment and resources for study and mini-class teaching makes students more concentrating on their studies. What is more, encouraging students to participate in some special courses can cultivate their taste and improve their comprehensive quality.

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