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Science and Technology Have Done More Harm Than Good

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Science and technology have done more harm than good. There is no doubt that science and technology affected our lives. There are a lot of scientists who are working on different science and modern technology projects these days. However, with the new science and technology developments most people underestimate the damage it gives us. First of all, I would like to say, that with these new science and technical appliances people became to be lazy. They rarely go out to work on foot or by a bicycle.

Now there are a lot of modern cars in the cities, which are said to be emitting less gas. But still their emitted gasses damage the environment, so to my mind, that is why pollution of our environment is increasing. Secondly, it seems to me, that technologies are throwing away our free time. For example, these new laptop computer or those touch-screen devices are full of entertaining programs, which are attracting people effectively. Then people forget how to communicate with others in real life, not through international communication systems like “Skype” or “Facebook”.

On the other hand, my opinion is that science and technology has far increased by the past few decades. New medical treatment, new computer technologies and other useful technical appliances are helping people to solve variety of problems more easily than it used to be. Overall, these new science and technology inventions harm not only our environment, but even us. So in my view, we should start thinking what technologies we use. 256 words. 2012_10_07

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Science and Technology Have Done More Harm Than Good essay

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Is technology actually making us any more productive?

While the numbers seem to show that the technological revolution has not resulted in any increase in productivity, and while that is, without consideration, somewhat worrying, it actually becomes all the more interesting and problematic when you realize that the jobs and tasks remaining after so much work has been handed over to AI is traditionally coded female in western societies.

Is more technology always a good thing?

Technology is good because it makes easier to manage our day-to-day life and exchange valuable information to our friends, family and others. Advancement in technology have inspired the development of new and faster modes of transport and communication. Technology has touched every aspect of the life, making it easier, better and different.

Does technological advancement does more bad than good?

Without technology, mankind would still be considered as animals trapped on a planet, unarmed and unfit to fight for survival and unable to complete even the simplest tasks. Therefore, technology brings more good than harm. Other than that, technology is needed for survival.

Does technology really make us smarter?

Shocking Study Shows Why Technology Is Not Really Making Us Smarter. Google Glass may eventually make us check When we think about whether mobile technology and apps are really improving

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