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School Captain Speech

4. Social Justice | | Personal Statement of Intent: This Statement will be published electronically on the Intranet for all staff and students to read.

Your statement should be no more than 200 words.

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You should consider the following questions: Why do you think you would be an appropriate Middle School Leader? I think I would be an appropriate middle school leader for these reasons I always show respect towards the teachers and my friends, i am always open minded to new opportunities and new things that arise. I am really confident, responsible and motivated. I show high participation for the music ensembles that I take part in every week and early in the morning.

I have been a school captain before at my old school in the junior school so I have plenty of experience in public speaking. What qualities do you possess to accomplish the tasks and responsibilities associated with being a leader? I will show responsibility, enthusiasm, maturity, open minded I am trustworthy so people can trust me. I always possess honesty and wisdom and confidence. Also I am always positive and I listen to what other people have to say.

If you were successful, what would you aim to achieve in your leadership position? I would step up to my big leadership position as I would have big shoes to fill as school captain which I can do easily and all my peers and teachers are relying on me to do a good job as a leader for 2013. especially Mrs Janssens is relying on me to do a good job if I get school captain or the vice captain and in someone’s absence I would step up to the job straight away which I would always be happy to do.