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Robert Falcon Scott was born on June 6,1868. Everyday he rode to school by his pony, Beep. Sometimes he slipped from his horse, but he never afraid with that. At the age of fifteen Scott became a midshipman. He began to conquered his bodily weakness and his childish faults in the navy. In 1891 he graduate from the amnion and he get a lieutenant. Scott was plan this trip to south pole with Sir Clement and everything will prepared. Scott has a high standard of conduct, Intelligence, scientific, knowledge and qualities of adventure in the Antarctic.

In the other hand Scott was assured of a fine career in the Ana and he realized that the expedition to the pole would give him new and exciting experience, and also opportunities for scientific research, so he accepted the advice of Sir Clement. Everything will prepared seriously because this Journey became extreme round trip, so it make him very busy. Actually he ship, it was brought from Scotland to London, named "Discovery'. The expedition began from London through Atlantic Ocean and arrived in new Zealand.

Then over Rose sea, for the further journey they took several dogs, ponies, sledge and another thing they need. In the first expedition Scott lose three member of his party. Trip or the pole was got extreme weather and it become serious problem to us. They study everything in south pole, one of this are about magnetism, meteorological observations, and animal live, also any other aspect. Aftermath they were sail for home and Scott had done splendidly, and he return to find himself famous. The year between first and second Journey, coot married with Miss Kathleen Bruce, artist and sculptor in 1908.

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On September 14, 1909 coot's son was born and name Peter Markham Scott. In the second Journey he took another ship, named "Terra nova" and he prepared all with seamen. The second trip need more power because it happen in winter,and it like the first. When they arrived the centre pole they put country flag. In the other hand they get a new experience, but in another hand they got difficulties return from the pole. Winter season make them very ill,day by day conditions grew worse and sometimes they took ore than an hours to drag the sledge a mile.

Even in this condition they still to write anything about their condition it seem that they will die. In fact Just only few alive on the return Journey. Comment I think the story is very attractive to know because about the explore to Antarctic. Perhaps hardly ever everyone go there. The story give us about description in the Antarctic. Antarctic is the centre of magnetism and have extreme temperature that somebody never alive in there. It also get us information about discipline to arrange everything we need.

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