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Good Afternoon Teachers, Parents and Students. I am Anna -last name- and I am running for school captain. I have spent all my primary years attending -name of school-and have enjoyed every moment of it. I would like to become the new school captain of -name of school-to ensure that this school stays as great as it is for at least one more year that I am attending this school and many years after I leave. I would therefore also try my very best to make it even better.

I also think that I would make a good school captain because I am responsible, organized, thoughtful, enjoy helping people and am a good team worker. I know that sometimes people can be physically or mentally hurt from scratches to being called nasty names and would greatly like to make an effort to help or even stop any of these situations. So I will try my very best to stop bullying, littering, fights, stealing and any other bad happenings. I will happily attend any meetings, special events, camps or any other kinds of event.

I will stride to follow all school characteristics, Honesty, Responsibility, Consideration, Co-operation and Respect and of coarse follow all school rules. I will also gladly listen to everyone’s ideas and try my best to enforce them. As there are new students constantly coming to this school throughout the year I know that they can be shy and uncertain about things or simply don’t know where things are so I would gladly greet and show them around the school to ensure that they never get lost and can make plenty of friends.

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I will also happily be anyone’s friend, whether they are new or old to this school. There are few improvements I would like to make to this wonderful school such as adding at least one water trough to the oval, placing more rubbish bins around the school, making the after school sheltered waiting area, near the after school care, bigger for when it rains and plant more tree, flowers or bushes around the school. I would also like to make some improvements to the toilets and toilet sinks, and all the water troughs that are already around the school, as I know some do not work properly.

Some of you may think leadership is simple, just a piece of cake and anyone can do it. But, leadership is much more and it’s much harder, and you must be prepared for all possibilities, consequences and circumstances that will come with being a leader. Leadership is not always fun, it can be hard work and you must be devoted at all times, though sometimes there are fun things that come with leadership. I will devote myself to this job and work even harder then ever before if I am elected school captain.

I will also ensure that I try my best to keep my promise to make this school better and enforce all my idea’s and yours. I can and will accept all the possibilities, consequences and circumstances that come with being a school captain. As much as I would love to be school captain I know that there is lots of competition and that really it is up to you to choose your next school captains and vice school captains. So please vote for who you think deserves this position the most. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to my speech and good luck to everyone running for school captain today. Good bye

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