Say Hello to SAYA: A Tele-Operated Android Robot with Multiple Uses and Capabilities

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023
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This Article describes an electronic mechanical machine with a Tele-operated android robot named SAYA. A robot is an electro- mechanical device which maybe appears as humanoid and it can performs tasks automatically. It may be done by using a remote control or a computer interface. The Branch of Technology that deals with Robots is called Robtics. It was found in the daily lives for example; the pet-type robot named AIBO, and a mental therapy robot and its effectiveness for elderly people. But the first uses of modern robots have been built by William Grey Walter in 1961s as industrial robots.

The Android Robot Saya

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After 15 years of research by Saya's developer Hiroshi Kobayashi, the Professor at Tokyo University of Science; Saya is being tested as a teacher and it is being trialed at a primary school in Tokyo. After working as a receptionist and secretary. Also the robot Saya already used as traffic wardens and one is even being developed to provide company to Alzheimer's sufferers. She can speak multiple- languages; also can express some basic emotions like surprise, disgust, smile, sadness. Because her face has simple structure and basically consists of mechanical frame and facial skin.

Saya the Robot Teacher

In the classroom, there are Saya and some control equipment and the control system of Saya requires a compressor and electronic equipments. In the other side, there's an operation room with two monitors one of them is used for the control, and the other one used for the observation. Saya is able to assign tasks to students, as well as perform facial expressions to denote her current mood. She also able to catch students passing notes in class, as well as plagiarizing one another’s homework. The operator is able to hear students from the speakers and respond to students as well.

The Main Purposes of Saya Robot

The robot's main purpose was to encourage children to be interested in science and technology; it's also expected to contribute to children's motivation to learn, in addition; it would benefit schools suffering from a shortage of human teachers. The robot was originally developed for companies who want to cut costs by replacing office workers such as secretaries and receptionists with an android.

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