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Sumary of Android vs Windows

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Summary of the article: Windows phone 7 developments for android developers A big part of the process of designing a phone application is to establish a storage method for important data the application will create. The windows platform does not offer a API database such as Microsoft SQL Server or SQLite, instead windows encourages developers to store information on the cloud similar to how a website operates. Developers that do not want to go that route have two options. They could use windows Azure or utilize other commercial cloud source.

Also android developers could use an open source outgoing project called CODEPLEX or store the data internally and later load it up using LINQ (language integrated language). Storing information internally is really easy on a windows platform in such a way that it almost eliminates completely the need of a database. Windows phone platform allows you to store settings and users preferences through the isolated storage interface this way it will easily accessible uniquely for the device the application installed.

One of the mayor advantages of the windows platform from androids platform is the layout of the tools. Android developer’s tool kit lacks of a proper layout tools in contrast windows platform have a robust tools layout that are easily and inexpensive for a developer to obtain. Windows main objective with these tools is to make the development process of application a fast and clean process. Windows phone 7 introduces a new take on phones operating system and the differences between the android operating system are mostly skin deep.

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Sumary of Android vs Windows

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