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Companies are incorporated and operated on the premises of Agency Theory. The Agency Theory spells out that there should be a working relationship between the direction of the company and the investors of the company in order to maximise the stockholders wealth.

The way for the traditional research of corporate administration was set up by Berle and Means ( 1932 ) , when they presented an bureau theory to divide ownership from control. This theory to divide ownership from control led to the development of the bureau theory.

The early rivals of the bureau theory assert that the bureau relationship is a contract under which one party ( the principal ) engages another party ( the agent ) to execute some service on their behalf. ( Coase, 1937, Jenson and Meckling, 1976 and Fama and Jensan, 1983 ) . The bureau theory is of import, yet different writers and research workers see it from controversial positions. The footing of the bureau theory appears from the separation of direction and fundss Sleifer & A ; Vish, ( 1996 ) . Agency theory is widely used as a model in many research of corporate administration. It is used in research state of affairss where the benefit on one party ( the principal ) is dependent on the behavior and actions of 2nd party ( the agent ) .

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The constructs and rules of corporate administration are chiefly based upon the bureau theory. Good corporate administration requires an effectual board to take the company so that it creates wealth for the stockholders and besides to run into other stakeholders ' outlooks.

For illustration, Barclays Board of Directors, guided by Group Chairman Marcus Agius, runs the concern on behalf of stockholders. As a scheduled company on the London Stock Exchange, Barclays meets the footings with the UK Combined Code on Corporate Governance.

Barclays Executive Committee includes the most superior leaders in the concern, headed up by Group Chief Executive John Varley. It has proclaimed the enlargement of its Executive Committee and alters to its organisation and senior direction undertakings, puting its concerns to convey strongly in the developing fiscal services industry.

Stockholders are placed as one of the stakeholders that directors must see throughout their determination doing on how a corporation can and should be set and implement way Jonker J, ( 2003 ) in Freeman ( 1984 ) .

Although the bureau theory is expected to make a smooth and good relationship between the principal and the agent, there are some jobs which arise because of the impossibleness of absolutely undertaking for every action of an agent whose determination affects both his ain public assistance and the public assistance of the principal, ( Brennan, 1995 ) .

Agency theory is concentrating at everyplace bureau connexion, in which one party ( the principal ) designate work to another ( the agent ) , who carry out that work.

The theory is related with work outing two jobs that can happen in bureau relationships. The first is the bureau trouble that happens when ( a ) the yearning or aim of the principal and agent clang and ( B ) it is difficult or dearly-won for the principal to corroborate that the agent had acted appropriately. The 2nd is the trouble of hazard sharing that happens when the principal and agent have dissimilar attack in the way of the hazard.

The job here is that the principal and the agent may prefer different actions because of the different hazard penchants ( Elsenhadt, 1989 ) .

Barclays Capital and/or its associates may, from clip to clip, have topographic points in, and may, as chief or agent, purchase or retail the Securities. Barclays Capital shall non be lawfully responsible to any single on any base for any dead or costs go oning straight or indirectly out of the exercising of or dependence on any of the appraisal or in sequence set out herein. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

From the bureau theory position, the aim of corporate administration is to guarantee that directors resort to value maximising schemes ( Shleifer and Vishny, 1997 ) . There have besides been efforts to linkthe `` resource based position '' and the `` managerial rents theory '' ( Castanians and Helfat, 2001 ) with corporate administration, in the strategic direction literature. This position maintains that corporate administration variables are the factors, which are considered cardinal and of import to the effectivity of Corporate Governance. Corporate Governance 's cardinal variables are closely associated with the success or failure of companies and a cardinal managerial resource or human capital and therefore a possible beginning of competitory advantage to the house. Many companies have failed in the United Kingdom and this has stimulated argument about Corporate Governance. The prostration of the Maxwell Publishing Group in the late eightiess stimulated the Cadbury Report in 1992. In the 1990s instances like the Poly Peck, BCCI and Marconi farther necessitated a demand for proper Corporate Governance.

In looking at all these incidences of Corporate Governance inefficiencies and ineffectualness, it is noticeable that some instances are clearly a affair of concern planning and hapless decision-making by direction. The strategic planning is the exclusive duty of the board. This therefore points it out that the board composing plays a major function in the success or failure of the concern.

As is clear now, BP could hold put in more honest to extra diminish or maintain off from the jeopardy of sloping oil into the ocean. Even with Green Project Management, if BP 's pick was non to pass more in a hazard response strategy, so possibly they should hold approximate the party costs necessary for a clean-up activity as they are at present commencing.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

The prostration of many companies is as a consequence of fraud. Fraud could be in signifier of cover-up and deception by direction or in some instances it could be the combination of both. The WorldCom in the United States and Maxwell, BCCI and Poly Peck in the United Kingdom are authoritative and living illustrations. Another issue is the inquiry of regulative inadvertence, as highlighted in the instance of Enron.

Then Combined Code was introduced in the UK to reconstruct the investor 's assurance following many prostrations and company failures of those large corporations.

The Directors are accountable for internal control in HSBC and for reconsidering its efficiency. Events have been planned for saving assets against illegal usage or disposition ; for continuing good accounting records ; and for the consistence of pecuniary information used within the concern or for journal. Such events are considered to pull off instead than make off with the hazard of dislocation to achieve concern aims and can merely offer reasonable and non complete declaration aligned with important misstatement, mistake, losingss or fraud. The actions besides allow HSBC Holdings to unclutter its duties under the Handbook of Rules and Guidance issued by the Financial Services Authority, HSBC 's guide supervisory organic structure. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

2.2.2 The Original Combined Code-1998

The Combined Code is made up of three chief studies. The original combined codification incorporates the recommendations of the Cadbury, Greenbury and Hampel studies

Cadbury Report ( Cadbury, Sir Adrian, 1992 )

The Committee issued a scope of recommendations for good corporate administration in a Code of Best Practice. The Cadbury study addressed four chief countries viz. , Board of Directors, Non-executive managers, Executive managers and Company Accounts.

The chief recommendations of the Cadbury study are explained below: ( ICSA 2003 pp 151 - 152 ) .

Board of managers

The board should run into on a regular basis, supervising the public presentation of the executive direction.

Control over the company should be exercised jointly by the board of managers as a whole, with a clearly recognized division of duty between the main executive and the president to avoid domination of the board by a individual person or by a little group of executive managers. The Code argued that it was desirable to divide these functions, so that the same individual did non transport out both. It did non province that the same individual should ne'er be both president and main executive, but recommended that when this did go on, there should be a strong independent component on board to move as a counter-force, with a recognized senior member to take them.

The board should hold formal agenda of affairs specifically reserved to it for determination to guarantee way and control is steadfastly in its custodies and does non let power transportation to an almighty main executive or president.

Non-executive managers

There should be a sufficient figure of non-executives, suitably qualified for the positions to transport weight.

Non-executive managers should be able to convey independent judgement and experience to the deliberations of the that the executive managers on their ain would miss.

Non-executive managers should be selected through a formal procedure and they should be appointed for a fixed term. Reappointment at the terminal of that term should non be automatic.

Executive managers

The service contract of an executive manager should non transcend three old ages without stockholders blessing. The intent of this demand was to put a bound to the size of the pay-off for a manager who is forced to go forth the company, or illustration as a hapless public presentation and stockholder force per unit area. The wage of the executive managers should be decided by a wage commission, dwelling entirely or chiefly of non-executives.

The histories of the company

The board should set up an audit commission of at least three non-executive managers, with written footings of mention. The board of managers should show a balanced and apprehensible appraisal of the company 's fiscal place to the stockholders including a statement in the one-year study about the company 's ability to go on as a traveling concern. The managers should describe to the stockholders on the full system of the internal control in the company.

The board of Lloyds group believe that superior administration is innermost to achieving the Group 's regulating thought of maximizing stockholder monetary value in surplus of clip. That has been highest in managers ' attending when seting on the values restricted in the combined codification on corporate administration issued by the Financial Reporting Council. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

A board incorporating executive and non-executive managers with wide cognition guide the Lloyds group.A The choice of managers is measured by the board and, supervising the necessities in the articles of association, they must stand for ballot by the stockholders at the first one-year general meeting following their choice and must go forth, and may acquire up for re-election by the stockholders, as a lower limit every three old ages. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Greenbury Report ( Greenbury, Sr Richard, 1995 )

In 1995 a commission was set up to look into the wage bundle and service contracts of the managers. The concern was centered around the 'fat cat issue ' . This referred to the managers who paid themselves immense wages. There was another concern sing the failure of wage bundles to supply a suited inducement for managers to execute better. The study recommended the followers are other things: Directors ' wage and service contracts ; Disclosure and Approval and Remuneration Committee ( ICSA 2003, pp 152 - 153 ) .

Directors ' wage and Service contracts

A wage commission dwelling wholly of non-executive managers should make up one's mind the wage of the executive managers ' .The maximal notice period in an executive manager 's service contract should usually be 12 months, compared to the three old ages maximum recommended by the Cadbury codification. In exceeding fortunes notice periods of up to two old ages might be sensible, by merely on occasion should a notice period exceed this.

The Report included general recommendation about wage, but most of these were slackly phrased and unfastened to wide reading. They included nevertheless:

Executive wage should non be inordinate, but the wage commission should offer wage bundles that are sufficient to pull, retain and actuate person of the needed quality.

The public presentation related elements of the wage should make a nexus between the involvements of the manager with those of the stockholders. The public presentation standards should be 'relevant, stretching and designed to heighten the concern affairs ' .Matters for the wage commission to see should include the phasing of any reward strategy s, the nature of any portion option bundle and the deductions of each component of the wage bundle for payments into the manager 's pension strategy.

Puting an upper bound to options granted as portion of a manager 's wage strategy should non be issued at a price reduction. Before Greenbury, it was rather usual in the UK to allow portion options to managers with an exercising monetary value at some price reduction to the current market monetary value.

Share options should be granted to managers in phased sums over clip the in individual big awards.

A steadfast line should be taken on the payment of compensation to managers dismissed for unsatisfactory public presentation. In the public perceptual experience, a high wage off to an outgoing main executive can look really much like a wages for failure.

The Board of Ladbrokes Plc manus over the Remuneration Committee with the liability for the scheme in regard of the executive managers and senior executives. In regard of other workers the executive managers have been manus over answerability to run within the wage scheme and program construction recognized by the Board. The Board at the advice of the Nomination Committee makes agenda to the committee, which discuss with the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee. The Committee normally request the Chief Executive and the HR manager to be present at commission conference about suggestion depicting to the payment of the executive managers, other than when their single payment is conversed. The Company Secretary takes stairss as secretary to the Committee. The Committee and Board think that it is in the security of stockholders to protect some of the betting and bet oning industry 's most superb and profitable individuals by given that to the full spirited wage. The Committee has judgement to believe corporate presentation on environmental, societal and administration ( ESG ) affairs when seting the wage of executive managers. The commission has warrant that ESG hazards are non being lifted by the motive agreement for senior direction accidentally interesting careless activities. ( http: // )

Disclosure and blessing

Greater revelation about the wage of single manager 's.The one-year study and histories should unwrap for each named manager the elements of wage, such as wages and fees, one-year and deferred fillips, compensation for the loss of office, portion options and any other long -term inducement strategy. An account and Justification should be provided whenever any component of the wage other than basic wage is pension able.

A revelation should be made of nay manager with a notice period in surplus of 12 months in his her service, contract, together with an account of the grounds. The elaborate revelations on the manager 's wage should be checked any external hearers. The president of the wage commission should go to the one-year general meeting, where the stockholders should hold an chance for a inquiry sand reply session.

The audit commission of Unilever includes a least of three or more non-executive managers ; two of them stand forA a quorum. The commission assists the boards in fulfilling their error undertakings in regard of the truthfulness of Unilever 's fiscal statements ; hazard direction and internal control activities ; conformance with legal and narrow petitions ; the public presentation, makings and independency of the outside hearers ; and the presentation of the internal audit intent. The commission is besides in a straight-line accountable, expose to local regulations refering stockholder indorsement, for the proposal, wages and failure to notice of the external hearers. The disclosure commission includes the Group Controller, the Chief Legal Officer, the Group Treasurer and the NV Corporate Legal Counsel. The rule of the commission is to help the boards make certain that fiscal and other information that have to be revealed openly by Unilever is revealed in a timely mode and that the information that is revealed is absolute and right.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

The wage commission study

There should be a study in the one-year study and histories on managers ' wage policy demoing how wage compares with other, similar companies. All fillip strategies should depend on satisfactory public presentation standards. Long term inducement strategies should be submitted o the stockholders for the blessing, in progress of presenting them. The Greenbury study did non give guidelines of make up one's minding what constitutes 'satisfactory public presentation ' , and as a consequence this component of the recommendations has been interpreted widely. For illustration, there were no guidelines about inducements for longer term public presentation.

The study should include a statement on the company 's policy for allowing portion options and other long term inducement strategies, together with a justification for any going from that policy in the policy under the reappraisal.

Hampel Report ( Hampel Committee, 1998 )

The commission was set up in 1995 to reexamine the advancement of the execution of the findings of the Cadbury and Greenbury Committees.

The Hampel study proposed the consolidation of the Cadbury study, Greenbury study, and Hampel study into one amalgamate codification. The Hampel study described its undertaking as 'reviewing the substance and execution of the Cadbury codification.

2.2.3 The revised combined code - 2003

The original Combined Code was proposed by Hampel and latter it was revised and brought update by Higgs in 2003.

The key alterations made by Higgs are in the alterations of the composing of managers. He proposed the addition of non- executive managers and the assignment of a senior independent executive manager.

Contentss of the revised codification

The function and duties of the board, the president and the NED 's are more clearly defined. The functions of president and main executive should be separate- the president should fulfill the standards for independency on assignment, but should non, thenceforth, be considered independent when measuring the balance of board rank.

The president is give clear duties, including the debut of new managers and guaranting the proper flow of information to board members. No person should be appointed to a 2nd chairmanship of a FTSE 100 company. At least half of the board larger companies, excepting the president, should be independent NED 's. The standard for independency are defined.

The board, it commission and managers should be capable to one-year public presentation reappraisal. At least one member of the audit commission should hold recent and relevant fiscal experience.

In softening of the line adopted the Higgs Report, it is now acknowledged that:

The president nominations commission, anticipate where the commission is sing the assignment of the president 's replacement. Smaller companies ( below the FTSE 350 ) may happen it hard to run into the commissariats associating to board and commission composing hence, such companies should hold at least two independent NED 's ( instead than a bulk ) and may hold smaller wage and audit companies.

Where the companies wish to retain a NED for more than six old ages, their farther assignment will non will non necessitate to be explained in the one-year study but such be capable to `` peculiarly strict reappraisal '' .

The function of the senior NED should be clarified and the importance of the president 's function in pass oning with stockholders and supplying leading to the NED 's emphasized.

The purpose of the FRC has been to heighten board effectivity and better investor assurance by raising criterions of corporate administration. Companies are encouraged to do an early study on the stairss, which they are taking to implement the new Code, instead than waiting until their coverage year-end.

In visible radiation of these amendments of the Code, companies will necessitate to transport out a comprehensive reappraisal of their corporate administration policies and processs and see how best to react. Over the following few months these responses will, no uncertainty, be the topic of considerable investor, regulative and media involvement.

2.2.4 The revised combined code - 2005

In 2004, the Financial Responsible Council established the Turnbull Review Group that saw the issue of the 'Guidance for Directors on the Combined Code ' . The chief accent of the Turnbull study was to fasten internal control ( Turnbull Report, 1999 ) .

Significance of Internal Controls and hazard direction

The significance of internal controls has been sketched in Turnbull study as follows:

A dependable technique of internal control adds to preservation the stockholders ' spending and the company 's resources. A company 's strategy of internal control as a important duty in direction of hazards that is of import to the executing of its concern aims.

Internal control smoothes the advancement of the success and competency of operations ; aids guarantee the dependableness of internal and external exposure and helps fulfilment with Torahs and ordinances.

Efficient pecuniary monitoring, every bit good as the saving of appropriate clerking records, is a important edifice block of internal control. They aid certify that the company is non without cause uncovered to preventable fiscal hazards and that fiscal informations employed inside the concern and for diary is consistent. They besides add to the saving of belongings, together with the turning away and find of cozenage.

A company 's aims, its internal constitution and the background in which it maps are repeatedly developing and, as a consequence, the hazard it tackles is repeatedly changing. A sound system of interior influence accordingly depends on a methodical and usual appraisal of the nature and sum of the jeopardy, which the company is uncovered. Since net incomes are, in portion, the recompense for booming risk-taking in concern, the ground of internal control is to help administer and form hazard suited instead than to acquire rid of it.

The hazard direction system in J Sainsbury plc has been prepared all over the twelvemonth and up to the day of the month of countenance of the Annual Report and Financial Statements. Acknowledging that hazard is an intrinsic fraction of making concern, the strategy is intended to acknowledge major menaces and do available declaration that these hazards are wholly recognized and handled. It is besides maintained by a hazard policy and regulations on how to be relevant the scheme, which are connected all the manner through the Company. The success of the process is reconsidered two times a twelvemonth by the Audit Committee, which so reports to the Board. The Functioning Board maintain up a hazard registry, which is often re-examined by the Committee and officially, conversed with the Board. The registry holds the important hazards facing the Company and recognizes the possible influence and chance of the hazard at both a gross ( pre mitigating controls ) and a net ( station mitigating controls ) phase. Where the net hazard needs extra behaviors, these are decided with exact timelines. These workss are narrowly checked until they are wholly applied. ( http: // )

Aim of the study

To guarantee that concerns have sound internal controls embedded in the concern processes as the companies pursue their aims.

To guarantee that the internal control remain relevant over clip in the continually germinating concern environment and to enable each company to use it in a mode which takes history of its peculiar fortunes.

The guideline on internal controls requires the managers to exert judgement in reexamining how the company has implemented the demands of the Combined Code associating to internal control and coverage to stockholders.

Internal control demands of the combined codification

The rule C2 of the combined codification provinces that ' The board should keep a sound system of internal control to safeguard stockholders ' investing and the company 's assets.

The proviso C2.1 states 'That managers should, carry on a reappraisal of the effectivity of the group 's system of internal control and should describe to stockholders that they have done so. This reappraisal should cover all stuff controls, including fiscal, operational and conformity controls and hazard direction systems. Turnbull Report, ( 2004 ) .

The Board of Marks and Spencer have on the whole duty for administering the concern expeditiously - confirms hazards are directed and it 's all under review. Internal controls and hazard direction are intended to boundary the possibility of dislocation to achieve corporate aims. Autonomous declaration is offered by the outside hearers and internal audit, who manus over their decision often to the Audit Committee. They have taken on an integrated method to put on the line direction, autonomous averment and internal controls to attest better connexion across re-examine and assessment of hazard. They are a broad concern with a wide assortment of aims and hazards. The Board is accountable for doing certain that all goes harmonizing to agreement and that describing lines and individual answerabilities are obviously mute. They besides have runing schemes and events covering the whole thing from fiscal planning and coverage, capital outgo, undertaking administration and information security to concern stableness, worker public presentation direction and how they do concern. ( http: // )

2.2.5 The revised combined code - 2006

This codification supersedes and replaces the Combined Code issued in 2003. It follows a reappraisal by the Financial Reporting Council of the execution of the Code 2005 and subsequent audience on possible amendments to the Code.

The Financial Services Authority, as the UK Listing Authority, is obliged by legislative act to transport out a separate audience before listed companies can be officially required under the Listing Rules to unwrap how they have applied this new version of the Combined Code. This audience is expected to get down September 2006 and, capable to positions received, the Listing Rules would be expected to use to the new version of the Combined Code with consequence from some clip in the 2nd one-fourth of 2007.

In the interim, in position of the limited nature of the alterations and strong support that they have received, the FRC would promote companies and investors to use the revised Code voluntarily for describing old ages get downing on or after 1 November 2006.

The Code holds cardinal and subsequent doctrine and status. The Listing Rule needs listed companies to make a disclosure statement in two parts in relation to the Code. In the primary portion of the declaration, the company has to account on how it be relevant the chief beliefs in the Code. This should cover both chief and back uping values. The signifier and substance of this division of the statement are non set, the significance being that companies should hold a free manus to depict their authorization regulations in the visible radiation of the political orientation, every bit good as any peculiar state of affairs be relevant to so which have guided to a specific method. This `` comply or explain '' method has been in operation for over 10 old ages and the lissomeness it proposes has been extensively welcomed both by company boards and by stockholders. It is for investors and others to measure the company 's statements.

The statement of conformity

A company that has non complied with the commissariats of the combined codification in full throughout the period must stipulate the Code commissariats, with which it has non complied, for what portion of the period non-compliance continued and give grounds for non-compliance. This is a demand of the Listing Rules of the Stock Exchange. Ignoring the commissariats of the codification is non an option, but the company has good substantial grounds for diverting the commissariats, it is up to the stockholders to make up one's mind whether the ground given by the company is valid or non. If the managers an explain converting the stockholders that the going from the codification commissariats is in the best involvement of the company, the non-compliance is improbable to be an issue.

Criticisms of combined codification

The Higgs and Smith studies were widely welcomed by different boards like the Financial Reporting Council ( FRC ) on the revised combined codification, but besides identified some strong unfavorable judgments were simply on the functions and responsibilities of the president and the period of term of office for managers.

The board suggested that the combined codification needed to set more attempt into doing the system work, there would be occasions when a company would take to utilize the `` explain '' option, and institutional investors should see such accounts carefully, giving grounds if they did non accept the account.

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