Saving an Organization from It’s Near Downfall

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Organizations need people and people on the other hand need organizations; therefore if mutuality is missing between the two then both will not attain their respective goals successfully.

Organizations are doomed to fail if managers are not competent enough to handle the pressure of the ever changing business environment in this contemporary world. Setbacks are created as part of the game in a competitive field in order for one to strive for excellence and perfection even harder. One of the most interesting and challenging activities in business management is turning a failing organization around. Several organizations see themselves in that lowest momentum and downward spiral. Possessing an optimistic attitude and a rapport builder is an edge to get this job well done (Trump, 2008).

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First I must admit the fact that we are on downward momentum and it is my job to turn around the best in this scenario. Clearly, overall, the company is falling and in this case, I must remember that there are elements that function well and should be maintained. The other thing to do is to formulate the organization mission statement as well its vision statement in order to be successful in the future and avoid downfall again. A mission statement is defined as a statement of what an organization aspires to carry out in its business endeavours. In essence, it shows the main reason as to why an organization exists in its business settings.

Therefore I will develop a mission statement which will be broad, visionary, motivational, brief and concise, easily comprehendible and realistic in its nature. Vision statement on the other hand is declaration that aids in coming up with a good mission statement and it usually focuses on the main objectives of the organization. For instance, I will come up with a good vision statement that will clearly depicts market opportunities, organization’s customers, products/services and measures to be undertaken to achieve best results among other factors (Mark, 2001).

In order to cope with competition and other business challenges I will come up with good strategies to counter both planned and unplanned changes that the organization will face. Planned changes will be those changes that we will desire the organization to have and therefore I will implement such changes in order to realize the set objectives. Planned changes may entail new product development and introduction of new technology among other changes.

Unplanned changes on the other hand are those business setting changes that include shifts by rivals and market regulators and changing needs and desires of customers among other issues and such external changes are beyond the control of an organization. A good example of unplanned changes is the high labor turnover that impacts the organization’s objectives negatively. I should therefore be ready to cope with such changes.

The other thing to do is to identify what are the positive and negative elements that we need to work out and improve on. Many of the problems that occur in an organization are the direct result of people failing to communicate. Communication is one of the main and effective ways to re-build again the loss of an organization. As a newly elected manager, I will introduce myself within the rest of the staff and I will tell them why this division still has a chance to re-build itself again.

During such meeting I will talk to them about several possibilities and plans on how we could re-build again the divisions prior to success. I would make a website that anyone can post there comment and suggestions on how to re-build and save a company. I will be open to suggestions, ideas, opinions and commentary issues (Hilltop and Sparrow, 1994).

In addition to this, I will tell other department heads that having an open communication with your staff as a leader is the first step in voicing out what needs to be heard and what precautionary action must anyone partake. Having a product that is outdated and out of the line is one of the general conclusions that consumers are not satisfied with and therefore I will ensure that products to be developed will meet the needs of our customers. I will therefore concentrate on a new way to solve the customer problem including having benefits to both the customer and the organization through innovation of our products and services.

Furthermore, brainstorming and product testing is another way that I will apply in order to know the effectiveness, benefits, and demands of the new products to organization’s valued customers. I will therefore ensure that promotional tools are effectively used since it is one of the effective ways of letting the target market know new products. Since we are on a down side state. I would prefer using a public relation strategy, which I believe will be more effective than advertising. In addition, public Relation is much better for fledgling enterprises. Since digital revolution penetrates the broad aspect of the market, it is also advisable to launch organization product within the rest of the world without having a major bulk of expense.

It is also my responsibility as a newly elected manager to know the expenses of this project, the capacity, the time frame, technical issues, the staff I need to hire, product prices and marketing procedures among other critical factors. I will prepare a comprehensive business plan that would adhere to the company and the clients as well. I will introduce the systems of making clear flexible budgets in order to meet the needs of organization during the processes of developing and marketing products (Mark, 2001).

I will also ensure that both PESTLE and SWOT analysis are carried out after every six months in order to establish the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. PESTLE analysis will entail analyzing political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and environmental analysis of the organization in relation with its external environment.  SWOT analysis on the other hand will entail analyzing the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are inherent both in internal and external business environment of the organization (Hatch, 1993).

Since managing the organization will also entails drawing all the above policies and guidelines clearly, it will necessitate a development of a good and appropriate organizational structure that will foster the success of the organization. In order to enhance this, I will introduce training programs for all employees in order to be well thought on what they are expected to do during their stay with the organization and on new policies of the organization.  Therefore since the organization is faced with a lot of uncertainties in the current business world then I will ensure that i formulate strategies that are supportive to its organizational structure (Burrell and Morgan, 1979).


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