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Lee is unafraid to show emotion, especially when writing about his father or his wife. The images Lee finds, such as the rose and the apple, can refer to the life-p off human. Life (on the tree branch), falling off tree (Life- p), then how death Is portrayed by using the ground as the end of life. Even his father's blindness and death can become beautiful. From what I gathered from the poems in Rose, was Lee grew up in a strong tight-knit family environment.

He is not afraid to describe is feelings with colorful adjectives, and has a powerful relationship with his mother and father throughout his poems. It is clear that Lee grew up in an atmosphere where there is a certain level of humility, love of speech, from where he also searched for wisdom understanding. Lie-Young Lee's poems are very beautiful and meditative. The way that Lee captures love & longing, subtle forms of love, nuances of parental relationships, and the sadness and reflection that makes it meaningful and thought provoking to the reader.

Lee draws on his own life experience in such a way that readers will wonder if he is ring to extract those experiences from his inner self. While these poems are deeply personal, they are also universal in their appeal. Like a child who possesses a sensual, adult relationship with the world, Lie-Young Lee shines with an open gentleness and delicate Iverson 2 sensitivity. Nothing escapes his keen eye and, as he so greatly illustrates, the greatest art is all around us. Lee's poetry results in a clarification or awakening of feelings that summon the reader's desire to examine his or her feelings, and by examining them, express them.

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Therefore, by reaching into our own self-awareness, we are able to eek redemption. We forgive ourselves. Young Lee's poetry is lucid in the way he captures the details of living with accuracy and tenderness, it moves the reader to awe . Lee reveals the way our families create who we are in a manner that heals the reader and makes us examine our own lives. Lee often writes about his father and his own attempt to understand his connection to him and the heritage bestowed on him. Lee also uses many forms of symbolism throughout his work. For example, in "Dreaming of Hair," the hair is an evil thread of death.

This Lee sees the simple image of his father braiding his mother's hair. Lee's work is filled with these varying symbolic representations of the ordinary. This is one of things that make his work so unique and interesting. The poetry of Lie-Young Lee consists of simple forms that create a natural and earthy feel for the reader. The symbolism and imagery in his work comes from the deep well of experience and Lee writes in a style that gives the reader a sense of his urgency - almost as if Lee is trying to purge himself from what lies within him. Because of this, Rose is a very interesting and thought provoking read.

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