Essays on Kitchen

Essays on Kitchen

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The How-To: Starting Up An F&B Enterprise

This article was co-written with . At some point in time, who hasn’t dreamt of opening up their own place? It’s an extremely desirable feeling to know that you could be your own boss and take a small startup through a challenging road and make …

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Pages 10
Tanza Oasis

EZEKIEL BRUSAS . PRINCESS PALLASIGUE . REAGIME RUFINO . DAILENE MAE SANCHEZ Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort Table of Contents I. Introduction3 II. Company Profile6 III. Products and Services Offered9 IV. Management and Staff Awareness21 V. Hotel and Resort Analysis31 VI. Recommendations34 VII. References36 VIII. …

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Pages 27
Business Case Analysis – Kitchen Cubes

Kitchen Cubes opened on March 1, 2009 in Kenosha, Wisconsin and although they are surrounded by numerous competitors they feel confident their business will soar above the rest. Kitchen Cubes is a family owned an operated business that sells and installs kitchen and bathroom counter …

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Pages 4
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Descriptive Essay Final Copy

I grab my bag and a hair-tie from the vanity on my way Out the door, tying my waist-length brown hair in a knot as I hurry down the stairs. My nana stands at the stove, stirring the pot of gravy she is making for …

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Bounty kitchen roll advert

The advert I have chosen to review is the Bounty kitchen roll advert. It is about forty seconds long. It is an advert that sticks in your mind and you do not have to think about it to know what it is about. The advert is …

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California Pizza Kitchen Narrative Essay

The unique concept of designer pizzas with an unconventional menu flourished, and by 2007 there were 213 stores worldwide in seven countries. COP had various sources of revenue, including company owned restaurants, franchising and a partnership with Kraft foods to sell COP frozen pizzas in …

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Pages 9
My Scary Experience

Seven months ago, in Pan Rang, Vietnam I took a scary experience for a herd of mice at my house. Those happened with my mother, my sister and me. First, my mother, young sister and I heard noises above the ceiling and the kitchen. Then, …

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Pages 2
The thud came again

Rose clicked the television on mute, straining her ear against the storm that splattered the roof with a mixture of rain and hail. The soft thump came from the basement, as though someone, or something, had knocked a book to the floor. Rose gripped the …

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My Passion

Cooking is my passion. It allows me to be creative when I’m normally not. Anything I cook makes me feel good: desserts, lunch, dinner, or snacks. I’m most relaxed in the kitchen, apron on, and ingredients everywhere. It’s like a challenge to see what’s in …

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Cooking Failure

There is always that one person we know that can cook just about anything, my mother is that one person. Sadly that gene must have skipped a generation, I am the worst cook imaginable. I have so many failing attempts in the kitchen that I …

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Authentic Italian dishes.

After gaining enough experience and capital from my previous restaurant employment, I have decided to start my own restaurant offering Authentic Italian dishes. Stated below are the highlights of my idyllic Italian restaurant. My restaurant shall have six large tables complete with basic table amenities …

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Basic Kitchen Organization

Basic Kitchen Organization Food Processing Kitchen (Commissary Kitchen) -In large operations, it is a kitchen for the processing of all vegetables, salads and fruits -Purpose: to wash peel and sanitize and cut all raw products, increase hygienic and sanitary standards of a kitchen, reduce waste …

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Building a Green Kitchen

An ordinary kitchen consumes at least 41. 5 percent of energy consumed by the entire household. Lighting, cooking, and refrigeration are the biggest culprits (“Tech Set 8: Green Kitchen Remodel”). The high energy consumption of lights may be reduced by locating workspaces close to windows …

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Relaxation Destination

My day usually consists of doing homework in the morning, going to class at noon, then going to work after class. I go to class for two hours a day Monday through Friday, and work six hours a day seven days a week. A short …

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Having eaten what would

The day started out like any other one I had. I woke up to the sounds of my mother puttering pots and pans in our yellow-painted sunny kitchen downstairs. Smoothing my pajamas a bit, I went down our creaky stairs, wondering what’s for breakfast and …

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